11 8 2010 D Day if you will

I heard something today that some of you may have heard already, yes your test is positive for genital herpes... Then after that the ringing in my ears was too loud to discern much,yes the test is accurate and I was as surprised as you are, valtrex, safe sex.... I could not breathe. I could not speak. The power of those words left me numb....Reminded me slightly of the old journalism go to's of who what where when and why. I am forever changed. And my life is forever changed. and I grieve the former life. Is this all normal? What the what the?????

Just a couple of weeks ago I was diagnosed with genital herpes. I have been a nurse for 14 years and feel like I should not have so many questions. I have now had 6 outbreaks in 2 years..............3 in the last year. I am now on FMLA through my job and am on suppression therapy. Here is the kicker................each time the lesions are on my eyelid. Not anywhere else. They have NEVER been anywhere else. One doctor says it had o come from sexual transmission but another doctor says I could have shaken someone's hand or touched a surface such as a phone or shopping cart. Well, which is it? I have been with 3 people in my entire life. My current partner has been tested and is negative. I was also tested for HIV and was negative. I don't have sex with my eye.............so how did I get it there? Any questions, comments or suggestions? I am also looking for a support group but can't seem to find one.

the only thing i can possibly think of is maybe you had oral sex some time in your life and while you where down by the mans genital area your eye might have touched his infected area. hope that helps.