11 years ago I was in a major car accident that left me with

11 years ago I was in a major car accident that left me with a TBI, 26 broken bones, and a lacerated spleen. I went straight to surgery with 2 neurosurgeons and 2 trauma surgeons patching me up. I staying in ICU for 2 weeks and a rehab hospital for 4 months. I had to relearn how to walk, talk, and eat. To see me today you would never know anything is wrong with me. My point is I went through a very dark time, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Am I completely healed? No I will never gained all of what I lost. I have days where darkness takes hold, but I do my best to get up and keep living. God has a purpose for everyone. It may take years for you to realize what exactly it is, but He will show you when you are ready. God Bless each and every one of you.

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Beautiful post, thank you so much for posting, it gives such encouragement to see that people can come through hell and back. Bravo and hugs! CK

I went through exactly the same thing, almost. 5 brain bleeds, air flighted to Denver. 2 weeks in ICU after last surgery. Came home, learned to walk again and then my husband of 15 years had a stroke. He spent a month in the hospital and died of another stroke 11 days after coming home. It was and still is, devastating. I have no children at home and spend my days alone. I know I can't be the only one. Does the pain every go away?

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I understand your pain! I had a critical brain injury, spent 4 months in the hospital. I was wheeled out of the hospital after pain, and torture! Does anybody remembered when they learned to walked, and talked? I do, 12 months ago! Through HELL, and BACK! I am ALIVE, and KICKING willing to fight another day! Be STRONG!

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Do you t by ink that your success is because you kept a positive attitude?

@FED_UP Yes positive attitude, but first, and foremost Faith, family, and friends support. But in spite, of my injury, I tried to keep positive. Sometimes you so down, you see nothing positive, then you have to pray!