12 Common Causes of Low Libido

Has your sex drive disappeared? Once you know what may be causing your low libido, take action to regain desire.
Low libido can be caused by a number of physiological, emotional, and lifestyle factors. Here are 12 common issues that can affect your sex drive.
1. Stress
2. Depression
3. Low Self-Esteem
4. Alcohol or Drug Use
5. Lack of Sleep
6. Medication
7. Erectile Dysfunction
8. Hormone Imbalance
9. Menopause
10. Health Conditions
11. Relationship Troubles
12. Lack of Time
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Being over weight is another common cause. The addition of stored fat releases specific compounds which can hinder your libido.

I think to being overweight also ties in with low self-esteem. Being overweight you may not feel as attractive and therefore not feel as sexy. I speak from experience. I have been both overweight and also alot thinner in my lifetime. I felt more sexual when I was thinner than when I was overweight. Now I am working on shedding some pounds again.

wow it must suck pretty bad when you have 8 out of 12 of those :/

Thia information on low libidio was good. What can be done to help increase sex drive?


I'm there, lady_kinus! between kids, school, work, divorce, and all other relationships I can't help but be several of those things!

Two (2) of the listed causes, erectile dysfunction and hormone imbalance, can be related to low testosterone levels in men. A man's testosterone levels naturally begin to drop when he gets to be around 45-years-old or so, and continues to drop naturally throughout the rest of his life. But some guys can develop a condition called "andropause" which is similar to menopause in a woman. "Andropause" can began when a guy is as young as 30-years-old, and his testosterone levels can drop like a rock. A couple of simple blood tests by his physician ("free" testosterone, "serum" testosterone, and "total" testosterone) can determine if "andropause" is a problem for him. If it is, the condition can be quickly and easily corrected by testosterone pills, a patch he'll wear every day, or testosterone injections every three (3) weeks or so. "Andropause" is a very common problem, but one which most guys don't want to think about, talk about, or admit they have. But it can be very quickly and easily corrected. Something for you ladies to consider if you guy seems to be "losing interest" or doesn't seem as excited about sex as he used to be.

thnats great info and all…but what about us girls?? what do we do. everytime i’ve tried telling my gyno that i have 0% sex drive they just tell me its stress. but yea the lack of good sex is stressing me out!!! what about us girls??

I have 7 out of 12. Ick.

Lady kinus,

I have the same problem but I think that anti-depressants killed by libido. I am inorgasmic too. My shrink told me that if I got off the meds the feeling would come back in the clitoris but I tried that and it never did. Besides the fact that if I am off meds my depression worsens. I am only 45 years old and this sucks. My husband doesn't have a libido (he's 56) but I think part of it is that I am 300 pounds and look disgusting. I guess I can't blame him, but he has the middle age gut, which doesn't bother me. Why are men such visual creatures. Why can't you just turn out the light and feel the sensation instead of having to see everything to get turned on!

Well, I have 8 of 12. But one of my biggest challenges is that my bf of 6 years is really starting to pressure me into finding the solution. He was patient at first and now the pressure is on. Solve the problem, or he's leaving. That adds on to at least 3 of the causes in the list on this page....

What's really strange is I seem to care less and less each day about it coming back. I'm 53, have had the hysterectomy (2 years ago), tried the testosterone (all it did was make my thighs sticky) (and not in the fun way) :) and nothing seems to be working. Guess I'm entering the tried it all, what now phase....

And I've gained 20 pounds the past 6 months.... And I also have the anti-depressants working against me. But I can't go off those because I'm bipolar.

One other factor which can often play a HUGE role in the lack of sexual desire is a childhood history of incest or other sexual abuse. And this applies to both men and women. The national statistics indicate that between 15% and 25% of all little girls, and 5% to 15% of all little boys are sexually abused at one time or another during their childhood. However, the folks who work in the field, the folks who work at the child abuse "Hotlines" feel that the number is closer to 50% of all children, both girls and boys. Much of what they deal with involves subtle or "covert" abuse, the kind of thing which can often be confused with normal child care. The national statistics, however, only include the brother rapes sister, or father rapes daughter kind of incidents, and those are certainly not the whole picture.

Child sexual abuse affects an individual's ability to trust or to open themselves up and be vulnerable. Without these abilities, true intimacy is impossible. And childhood sexual abuse can often cause several of the factors listed in the posting, specifically, depression, low self-esteem, and alcohol or drug use. The only way to deal with these issues is through psychotherapy, and without this kind of help, these issues will never resolve themselves. So keep that in mind if you or your partner is plagued by a low sex drive. It might be worth your time and effort to talk with a counselor and see if there are any unresolved issues in this area which need to be addressed.

I feel horrible. Haven't been able to reach orgasm in about a month. Can only get an erection very briefly in the penile pump the urologist prescribed.

How about some solutions?

Don't know of any "solution", at least not in my case.

Hey Kevin, the lack of orgasms suggests to me a low testosterone level. That's an easy problem for your primary care physician to diagnose. He or she would need to check your "free" testosterone, "serum" testosterone, and "total" testosterone. Those numbers should tell the story. And if Low-T is the problem, it can be easily corrected with testosterone pills, daily skin patches, or shots every three weeks or so.

And for the ladies who are having problems, I'd suggest you get to your primary care physician as well for a "COMPLETE" physical exam -- head to toe, and everything in between. If I were in your situation, I'd want to doctor to check my heart, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, hormone levels (and not just estrogen and progesterone but also L.H., T.S.H., F.S.H., and testosterone). It is testosterone, the male sex hormone, that is responsible for a woman's PHYSICAL sex drive, and you ladies manufacture it in your ovaries and adrenal glands which sit atop the kidneys. The L.H., T.S.H., and F.S.H. tests look at hormones released by the hypothalamus and pituitary gland in the brain. These hormones control the activities of various endocrine glands in the body, and if one of these endocrine glands isn't working correctly, the whole endocrine system is in trouble, and that includes the thyroid gland (metabolism), the pancreas (insulin and blood sugar control), the adrenal glands (the production of testosterone), and the ovaries. So these are two VERY IMPORTANT GLANDS!!

If everything checks out physically, then your left with psychological factors, and for those, psychotherapy might be necessary.

Hi Charli, thanks for the post. My testosterone level was 314. The urologist said 300 is the bottom of the normal range so I'm on the low end. I've got a lot of spinal issues, bulging disks and degenerative disk disease. Also on a lot of meds for psychiatric issues which the urologist said are not good for sexual performance.

Hey Kevin,

Yeah, some of those meds can play a real number of a guy's sexual performance abilities. Have you tried talking with your doctor about maybe changing around your medications so that you don't have this problem any longer. There are now hundreds and hundreds of different psychiatric medications, so there should be something in all that mix which could do what needs to be done with the psychological issues without having this undesired side effect. If your doctor won't work with you, consider finding yourself another doctor. I worked as a therapist at a huge university medical center for over 35 years, and I know that some of these guys can be real jerks. But others are willing to work with you to find just the right mix of meds to do what needs to be done with causing the problems you're experiencing.

As far as the testosterone level goes, you are right at the bottom of the normal level. Did you doctor say anything about "supplementing" your testosterone levels? I mean, you're good now but why not upgrade to great? A little more testosterone really couldn't hurt anything, could it? Just a thought, something you might want to ask your doctor about.