15 days - I would like this to give you hope!

I am writing this to tell all of you that I have now been 15 days without bulimic behaviour. I am no longer restricting and have managed to eat very well (including fat - my fear!!!). I have done this by searching deep within to find myself, trusting MY mind over the ED's energy, using your wonderful advice and my positive energy. I've stood up to my ED.

Thank you to all of you for supporting me to get this far (I know it might not seem like a lot but please believe me, it's something I couldn't have imagined doing without ip so I'm feeling VERY proud). The need to binge has totally gone - I don't have the desire to do it anymore, although I remain 'on guard' if it ever creeps back again.

I would like to ask each one of you to believe in yourself - something is only ever possible if you believe it to be so. I usually say and I will continue to say that recovering will give you more than what your ED could ever possibly provide....I feel better than I have done for so long.

I don't want you to read this post and think "gosh, I wish I could fight my ED" .... instead I would very much like you to read my post and say "This IS possible and I AM going to recover" - Let's do this together...afterall, I couldn't be here without your support so now I would like to offer my support to you and invite you to be strong, to believe in yourselves and to start or continue on the road to a wonderful place...life.

Love, strength and positivity....

yeahhhhhhhh oh la la this is amazing !wow!!!! incredible! really! im so proud of YOU! you did it!

that is wonderful....

and yes it feel so much better without ED than WITH ED! thats for sure...oh , the body might need some time to hela( mine sure as hell does!) but you do feel POWER when you eat and also more control then ED ever could give you! most of all, you get to think about other things besides weight obsessions, like --life!

nothing is worth your life, that is my new motto... now... nothing..i dont care WHAT it is.

this is sooo wonderful oh la la! i would say it is---OH LA LA!



Thank you so much!!!

Yes, it’s true…it’s clear that my body needs time to heal (digestion - huuuuuurgh!!!) but the healing is only possible now that I am eating well.

I love your motto - nothing is worth your life…this is certain…it only took me a decade of drugs, a few years of alcohol and a period of anorexia and bulimia to finally see this myself - infact, not only this but I’m genuinely starting to see some great traits in myself which I didn’t even know were there!

Oh la la indeed!!! I hope you’re well Maureen!


AHHHHH YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOSH CONGRATS THATS AMAZING!!!! You are so amazing and have had a great mentality! Do something nice for yourself because this is a huge milestone in your recovery! I do see this and think my own recovery is possible. I am bulimic and you seemed to have the same struggles I have right now. Amazing. I'm so proud. Keep up the good work you are going to do so well with the ED off your back!!! Keep it up girl you're an inspiration <3

Yeah!!! That is awesome.
Thank you for your encouragement.

I'm so happy that you feel inspired by this.

You are also going to do so well without the ED on your back - we all are. PLEASE DON'T HAVE ANY DOUBT IN YOUR MIND - THIS IS POSSIBLE...believe in yourself and your strength.

I have two gifts for my progress...my tattoo which I will get in January when I return to France and to commit to helping others with EDs...these two gifts are also very strong motivations to continue. No matter what happens, I will never let ED back into my life again and I will never forget how it felt to have it in my life again.

Love it absolutly beautiful. Your mindset right now is amazing. <3 you're doing amazing things for yourself and others

Oh la la, im so happy/proud of you ♥ This is an AMAZING milestone on your road to recovery ♥ You are an inspiration!!

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!! you are sooooooooo amazing and im so happy for you :-)

i still think you shold give yourself an immadiate treat! how about a prof manicure? new haircut? something nice to wear?


My gift is what I have achieved so far. But I know that there will be no better gift than to do this together. I don't want to be here on my own.


hey, your not!LOL! im here! im recovering and trying! yes my body is going crazy now, but im still pushing!


Good girl Maureen! Oh lala we're all here <3

recovery is soooooooo hard but im trying my best, it is all i can do... pushing through....

thanks sonrisas....lol!