1st nutrition appointment

My first appointment went so well! I am so happy about it. The dietitian was so nice. We went over my disordered eating symptoms and developed a meal plan. Its so weird though- it deals with food groups and not counting calories. I am so scared to not count but I am so tired of counting. It is going to take me a while to get used to though because it is so different. I think I may do much better with this food group way. :) And it will be easier to make the ED voice go away because I am not vigorously counting anymore (though I know I still will for a while because its a habit).

I hope everyone is doing well!

Thats awesome Allee!
I agree that it is strange to start thinking about food in a new way. You may surprise yourself by stopping the calorie counting rather abruptly. It should be a relief more than scary. I know you will do great. I really enjoy reading about your journey so please keep sharing. Have a good week at school!

That's brilliant Allee. It kind of puts my mind at rest a little as I have my first appointment with the dietician next week and I am quite anxious about it. I hope you conquer the fight against the counting... keep up the good work xxx

Saw your post- just wanted to say keep up the good work! My mother almost starved herself to death and eating disorders kind of run in my family, I think. Don't let it over-power you! You can do it!


This is excellent news :)
My dietitian was much the same way with focusing on groups instead of calories. I also think it makes you more focused on having a balanced diet instead of so much worrying about the calories in those foods.
It gives you more variety :)

Good luck!
Paige xoxo