2 days ago, i thought i could start a "recovery plan" for my

2 days ago, i thought i could start a "recovery plan" for my post concussion syndrome during school, but when i got home my head cause so much pain that i couldn't even walk the next day..... i actually thought that i could start getting better so i wouldn't have to wear sunglasses during school... i just want to know why i cant get better.

I am sorry for your brain injury. It takes a long while for your brain to healed after an injury. Imagined your brain in a cast, slowly, but surely it will healed. I am a survivor of a critical brain injury, I spent 4 months in the hospital. I've been through a horrendous trauma, but slowly and surely I am getting better, its been 2 years. You will eventually get better.But it take times, one day at a time. Be strong, the best is yet to come. SG friends are here, to support and be supported.

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@Irma I understand what you are saying it just it gets hard when people are making it harder to believe that I will get better