22 year old male, I believe I have ED from over masturbation

22 year old male, I believe I have ED from over masturbation. Been masturbating since 13, really began having chronic sessions since 15. Affects my social, work, school, and sex life. No one knows about it and I want to keep it that way until I'm ready to speak. What should I do, I'm ready to get control of my life back!

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I didn't wanted to commented because I'm a lady, yes, very "old school" But you needed support your addiction is becoming chronic! Masturbating since 13- normal, chronic sessions at 15, normal/ abnormal. That age is very ticklish, you were going through puberty. How old are you now? Is it only self fulfilling or you have girlfriends? You need professional help- a therapist would be able to discovered the triggers, of your addiction. I am no expert, I am on SG to support, and be supported. Friends here, will supported you, but you have to wanted to help yourself. You need to seek help, professional help, - a therapist, and talked to your loved ones. Keeping them in the dark, and then springing it on them, is not the answer! That's the only way to get control of your life back! My thoughts, and concerns are with your loved ones, and you. Be strong, and the best will followed.

Climax can be like a drug. I'm not addicted per se but I have bipolar disorder, the manic phase of which is marked by crazy high libido. It's not unusual to have decreased sensation from chronic masturbation, especially if you're circumcised. Set limits (realistic ones) for yourself and stay as true to those as you can. You can do it!

Get yourself to a sexaholic 12 step meeting.......