25 year old female who was just diagnosed last year. My prev25 year old female who was just diagnosed last year. My

25 year old female who was just diagnosed last year. My previous partner had not let me know they were positive for type II and I have been living with dread and depression ever since. I have just recently been telling more of my friends about my situation to cope with it. I am even beginning to feel like dating again after being single for 2 years. In your experience, is it better to let a potential partner know before you start dating, or before you get intimate but after you are dating? I don't want to scare anyone away and I am scared to death this guy is going to run if I tell him anything. I'm not saying I will not tell him (because that's how I got into this situation in the first place) but I don't know when the best time to tell him is. Please help and thank you.

I talk to them first to get a feel of the type of person they are. and let them seem what type of person you are. But definitely tell before any emotions form. For me it doesn't take long to figure out a person personality.

I agreee and I am also one for not wasting anybody's time in case they do run. Plus in the back of my mind I sometimes think that they might feel I am being deceptive if I don't tell them initially or wait for too long.

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I say get to know each other first. If you don't click or have a connection then whats the point of telling him? its an encounter you could avoid. Once you start to care for someone and feel everything is going right and sex starts to become a thought, talk to him. Remember to educate him also! Uneducated people think its disguising, they don't know any better. If the connection is there, he is educated about it and truly cares, he may be stocked and need some time but it shouldn't be a huge problem.
I was in the same boat is and sort of made me and my boyfriend stronger. We have something we had to work through and still work through to this day. It's not going to be easy but once you find someone its worth dating again.