27 and feeling like less of a woman after my surgery

I had a hysterectomy a yr ago. I am 27. I am having horrid hot flashes and mood swings. Well, I have borderline personality disorder, so I have mood problems anyway, but the hot flashes are awful and hormone's seem to make it worse. I can't help but feel like less then a woman now. Like they robbed me when they took my uterus and ovaries. This feeling is not cool, and sends me into depressive states a lot. I am constantly sweaty, which I wasn't before, and I am unable to have children now, which I am not coping with well.. Does anyone have any advice for me? I am still kinda young and this menopause thing is ticking me off bad. Did anyone else feel like they were less then a woman after their surgery? Does anyone have any advice for these hot flashes other than sticking my head in the freezer?

I never had a hysterectomy before, but I have a disease called endometriosis, I went through the premenopause. I know it's bad to cope with. I'm sorry you are having to go through all of this, and you can always adopt kids, I know it's not the same of having them your own, but don't feel any less of a person, because your not. I hope you get feeling better soon. My heart goes out to you. Have you tried any hot flash medicine. My mom is taking black cosh, or something like that, it helps her alot. Maybe you can find something to work for you. I hope so.

Prim Rose Oil is great for hot flashes. Someone here told me about it and it has really helped me. I had my hysterectomy after having 2 kids, so I dont know how it feels not to be able to have any biological children, but Melissa is right. Adoption is always an option, especially this day in time. There are so many children who need homes now.
As far as the feelings that come with our "big change", I'm right along with ya on that. My really bad symptoms started around January. I thought I was absolutely going insane. I have been married for almost 13 years and I suddenly just went crazy.........I felt like a rebellious teenager. I suddenly wanted to do all the things I couldnt do and knew I wasnt suppose to. It was such an overwhelming feeling I couldnt stop. I was mad at the world and everything in it bc I felt like I should be going thru this 20 years from now. I was waaaaaay too young for this and I refused to let it make me older than I really was. The feelings and thoughts I had are indescribable. I have since found this website and finally talked with my husband after our marriage almost ended bc I had gotten so bad. You have to have somebody to talk to about it. Even if they dont understand or have never been thru this, it helps if nothing else than just to vent. If you're not sure what's best for the hot flashes talk to your local pharmacist or your gynecologist. Mood swings? They are EVIL I tell you......EVIL!!! lol Mine dont get quite as bad as they use to except if i'm really tired. I have learned to even joke about menopause sometimes. I WILL let someone know real fast......"I'm very menopausal. dont mess with me!" Most of the time ppl act shocked and it's kinda funny. The guys where i work know about me. One of my bosses asked me while back "You feeling better than you were yesterday?" I said "Yeah I am for now, but you never know it could change at anytime so be ware." He says "Oh you're one of those women huh?" I said "No just really menopausal." lol I think it kinda scared him haha but its the truth. Try to find ways to laugh it off when ya start getting really ill. It's not easy but I promise it will ease over time. When you find something to take for the hot flashes you will be able to tell a big difference and I kinda tend to think that the Prim Rose oil has helped with my moods too. Keep posting for us. We are all here. You just give us a holler when ya need to talk.

Ok Ladies I am getting really scared now. I am having my hysterectomy on Aug 9th. They gave me a shot last week to put my body into premenopause cause of all the pain I am having due to endometrosis. I was fine the first week, Thought this is a breeze then over the weekend it hit me. I feel like i am goiing out of my mind. I am soooo irritable. My mood is out of control and I am having thoughts i never had before., Like my girlfriend is prego and i made a comment about crying cause my son didnt windex the tv stand the way i wanted it done. she said oh i know what u mean i started crying in resturant for no reason. ...I thought to my self, u dont know what i am feeling. u are cying cause u have a baby in ur womb, am crying cause my womb is being taken away. Why would i think that??? I am excited about my surgery. The pain i have been dealing with is sooo insane. Now I am not so sure I want to go thru with this. Maybe I should just deal with the pain.

I know what you mean about the mood swings. After my surgery last year (I got to keep my ovaries) I had hot flashes like the first 2 weeks after. The mood swings started shortly after that. I talked to my surgeon and she said I shouldn't be having any of these issues since I still have my ovaries. Well, she was wrong! I went to go talk to my family doctor and she said I would still have the PMS symptoms I had if I never had the surgery. I think it's worse. Well, my doctor gave me some suggestions on what to take to control the mood swings, besides anti-depressants, which I didn't want to take. Some suggestions were: Estroven (which I take and seems to work), soy supplements, and black cohosh. These supplements also help with hot flashes and night sweats.

godshealingintraining, I WISH TO GOD that someone would have told me about what REALLY happens after you have a total hysterectomy! I too feel like I am going out of my mind. You always hear about the hot flashes and night sweats and I too thought "well, I am already dealing with that so it should be pretty easy". WRONG! No one EVER told me about the anxiety, the depression, heart palpatations, elevated pulse, insomnia, digestive problems, sinus problems (for those of us who have allergies), nervousness, shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, etc. I would have just dealt with the pain instead. Has anyone else had any of these problems after a hysterectomy?