4 Months Post Dday: I was hit by a F6 Tornado. A F5 Tornad

4 Months Post Dday: I was hit by a F6 Tornado. A F5 Tornado is capable of lifting strong frame houses off their foundation and carrying them considerable distances. It constitutes total destruction. An F6 is known as an 'Inconceivable Tornado'. It's theoretical because it exceeds total destruction. How can you have more than total destruction? Well, he found a way. He found a way to not only destroy everything I was…but he admitted truths that went back and wiped out my history. This is inconceivable. This should not be possible. How do you destroy someone’s happy memories? Shouldn’t it be impossible to destroy a person’s memories? He cheated on me day 1. He destroyed ALL my sweet memories of him over 14 years. All gone. All my happy memories of the past are built on lies, deception and cheating. It was all fake. He F5’ed my present and he F6’ed my past. My whole life F’ed. I use to always say that he was all I needed. I could lose everything in life as long as I had him it would be ok. He took himself from me…and then he destroyed everything I ever had with him. It’s all gone. Nothing remains. An Inconceivable F6 has ripped through my life.

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I am so sorry hun. It is unthinkable to realize that your time in bliss was seemingly unreal. Is this all new information?

@Chasingpavements Thank you. It was all new. 14 years- I believed we were the best couple. I would wake every day grateful for him and thinking about what I could do to make his life better. Now, all the cheating, lies, and deceit over the ENTIRE relationship come out. I never suspected a thing. Never thought he would even lie to me…let alone this.Thank you for your thoughts

You will recover it will be hard and you will hurt but you will recover and meet someone deserving of your love.

@Sgerard68 Thank you so much for the support

Why wouldn't you cut him out and burn them? If you want to move on you can't keep pics of him around to reminisce. It will make any new man in your life feel a bit odd to see that.

If there ever is a new man in my life, the pictures would be dealt with and separated to keep pictures of my kids and remove pictures of him. I am not at that stage yet. I do not look at them, I do not have pictures of him around the house, but I hear what you are saying. If a new man comes into my life, he would not have to compete with old pictures.

@destroyedandalone, my heart aches for you. I am.so very sorry for all.of your pain. I wish I had magic words to help ease your torment. Hugs and I am here to listen.

@Betrayedbymylove Thank you so much. You are such a kind heart. I always appreciate your words. I actually was doing much better yesterday. A weight was lifted and I felt happy for the first time in a long time. Thank you so much for the hug…it was just what I needed :slight_smile:

This is tough. I am so sorry. I am feeling somewhat the same finding out that my wife cheated 2 years into our marriage and then continued on our marry way. Having two kids in the process. I feel very much the same. I am about two months into this whole thing. A lot has happened. I find that if there is any chance we move forward I put those memories aside. I think in time we will pull out the ones that are not tainted and suppress the ones that are. If we are to move forward we have to build new memories with a new person. That person might be the same one you thought you knew, but in some ways needs to be like a new relationship. At least that is how I am looking at it. At 4 months in are you seeing a therapist? Is he being honest, remorseful, and working on things? Or are you done?

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