46 Weeks latter... I now know

New here and to all groups...time for a new learning experience!

It's R-arthritis!
I been mostly healthy my life, except anxiety and stress. One winter morning @3AM I woke up with terrible leg pain that and had to vist the emergency room. Then tested and proclaimed it was the kindneys failing and set up additional work ups and all came back negative. In the mean time of 10days it hit the arms and shortly there after the rest of the body crippling to the point of not walking or getting out of be. The Dr.'s said it must be the heart... more extensive test showed negative. Dr. them moved on looking for cancer... scoping...spinal tap... no cancer. Puzzled they labled it rare sprotic sydrome unknown. Pain meds were not working, no relief. Then last week they detirmed it was R-A!
They said it's quite unusual to hit me in the way it did...and wonder how else does it come on. My life is a construction zone... in a new experience... that I don't want. Oh well at least I had some good years.

My mom is 84. She woke this past Tuesday morning and her right ankle was swollen some and she said it was very sore. She said she hadn't done anything to hurt her ankle. By Wednesday morning, she couldn't walk on it and was crawling around on the floor to get around. I live about an hour and a half from her. My oldest nephew lives with my mom and he had called me from his work Wednesday morning telling me of his concerns for my mom. I called her and after about 20 minutes she finally was able to answer the phone. She had to crawl to answer it. This is how I found out what was really going on. I called her doctor and was able to get an appointment for her that morning. The doctor gave her a cortisone shot and something for the pain. Her ankle is getting better though she did say yesterday it was still swollen some. This is the first time she has had this occur like this to the point of where she couldn't walk. After reading your post, I am concerned what might be down the road for her.

Hi bluidkiti...
Thank for the reply sorry to hear about your mom and hope she finds some relief. Perhaps you might have to get cordless phones in every room to have access at her age. My mother had arthritis and crippled her into a fetial posistion many years ago when they had no hope or real medication. They placed me on steroids that greatly help, but only limited time they will do damage to every organ and bones. They are looking if I can get on a program without insurance @ 1500 a pop for injections...if not I have a phobia of the outcome.
Thanks again for your reply is appreciated. Best Wishes!


boy u are elusive to track down hon

im sorry to hear about the R A but at least u have an explanation which at least elivates the worries that u had before without a diagnoses

as always positive vibes
and loving thoughts
D :)