4am and I can't sleep because the phantom pain is so bad. I

4am and I can't sleep because the phantom pain is so bad. I told my husband I think I'm going to hell when I die because my amputated leg is on fire!

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You seem to be very sweet, don't be to hard on yourself . Take care.

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I'm always hard on myself. I hate that the phantom pain is so bad. It can really wear me down, physically, mentally and emotionally. Thank you for your kind comment.

Would it be possible for me to speak to you more about your pain. I am a student at the University of Delaware, researching some of the pains and issues people have after an amputation. You can email me at [email protected]

I am going thru this phantom pain as well and I cannot barely stand it anymore and very emotional for me and just curious have anyone you know going thru knee amputated can die from it?? Whenever getting leg loss, what are things do I need to do to take care of myself?

Hi. I haven't had my amputation yet, it's scheduled for the 25th of April. It's an above knee amputation on my right leg. I can't take any narcotics as I react very badly to them so my dr is using a tunneled epidural for pain control. He also said that, when an epidural is used for a couple weeks after surgery, it has been shown to cut down or eliminate phantom pain. Does anyone know about this? I am so scared about the phantom pain thing because I am having the amputation after 5 knee replacements because of pain and I can't imagine still having pain. Am I being naive? I am so sorry to hear about the pain you are experiencing and I pray that it subsides soon. Have you tried zzzquil? I ask because my stump dr said that is a good way to sleep without using narcotics and such.

Hi there. Not everyone experienced phantom pain and it usually subsides over time. Some folks have it every day. There is no rhyme or reason.
I still have flare ups here and there but I’ve figured out what “cocktail” works to get relief.
There are ways to help without using narcotics. Some use marajuana although I’m not interested in smoking it or injesting it. I believe there is a an oil that can be rubbed on your residual limb. Some find heat or ice packs placed under your residual limb provided relief. There is also mirror therapy. You can also have your doctor prescribe a tens unit (? Not sure what it’s called).