5 day binge

Well, I'm at it again, stuffing my emotions with food. I can't seem to stop eating, it's all I can think about. I'm so sick of being fat and uncomfortable, not just with my appearance but physically uncomfortable because I'm always full. I don't even know what it feels like to be hungry, I don't stop eating long enough to feel that. Anyone have any advice on beating a binge?

it is definately hard. do you have any hobbies.i would try to stay busy thats what i have to do when i want to eat and eat cuz i notice when i sit and do nothing i want to keep eating i start thinking about pies and ice cream and the next thing you know im off to mcdonalds. and ill over eat. ill buy extra pies that i dont need. i know that sounds bad but i have a ed also. i feel kinda bad sitting here writing this because it makes me feel like a pig but this is what i do. :( again i gotta stay busy busy busy, im here if ya wanna talk.

Thank you for your adivce. I think since I'm a fulltime student and work two jobs, I make the excuse that I'm too busy for anything else, but you're right. I'm obviouslu not busy enough to keep from polishing off a pint of ice-ream after downing two cheeseburgers and a large fry. It helps to know I'm not the only one struggling with this. I agree, it's hard to admitt how much I eat, it makes it seem so real. Being able to talk about it with somebody who isn't judging me and understands what I'm feeling is so amazing. I really appreciate your support and please know that I am here if you need to talk too. :0)

thanks hun. i dont know if you heard about this on the news or not but there was a lady that went to buy a plane ticket and they said she had to buy 2 because she was to fat and needed 2 seats. alot of people are being mean and saying that fat people stink and they make it inconveniant to ride on a plane cuz we put our fat on them. i thought that is rude. i weigh 280 pounds but i dont stink i was my butt and i dont put my fat on no one. some people can be rude and hurtful. anyways the lady is suing the airlines company

Wow, I hadn't hear about that. It's so ridiculous that people think someone who is over weight doesn't care how they look or smell. I wish people understood that for many of us food is as addicting and hard to control as drugs are for others. I'm with you, I shower daily and try to dress nice, let's face plus size fashions have gotten better but still aren't the greatest, and I sure as hell don't stink or rub my fat on anyone either. It's people like that who make me not want to eat in public.

i totally agree with you on every word you said. they dont realize that we take care of ourselves and do look nice. also i believe the fashio could be a little better but i am seeing progress. i got a pennys card and i went there to buy some nice clothes and they all looked really ugly. i even told one of the sales ladies that i thought they were ugly and that it is something my grandma would wear lol. she said she has heard that from other women. i thought being jc penny there would be nicer choices. i did find a couple of pants though and shirts but i really wanted to get some nice stuff i like to dress up. i have however found a store where i live that sells nice clothes and i can look classy. so it is nice. i also know what you mean about eating in public sometimes it feels like people are watching me in disgust im like hello stupid i have to eat to or ill die.

Lol, I know, some people think we are fat so must be eating just for the fun of it. Obviously I eat when I'm not humgry, but it's not fun and brings me a lot of internal termoil. I wish they understood how scary food is to me and how hard it is to break the bad eating habits because not eating isn't an option.

i know if eating was an option we wouldnt have this problem then would we? lol. i feel bad as well when i do it but it is so hard to push that plate away...:(

New to this group.It's unfortunate that if you look at commercials and advertising and catalogs, everyone in there has to be a size 0. In fact we just came back from a resort on an island that I wondered if everyone that stays there was 18 yr.old models, as they feature in a brochure. Was glad to see regular people there. So, I have battled binge eating for many yrs. My best success is when i don't diet, don't get on a scale, and stop obsessing about what to eat, what not to eat, etc. I have figured out my biggest trigger for over eating is when I am around some of the thin people in my family and circle of friends. Soon as i get away from them, I have great desires to binge. Bizzare! Anyway, I would like to be in this conversation with you 2. Raven