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50 positive characteristics of aspergers



I just found this... It is really good :)
I just had to pass it on

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Wow! I loved reading this.

It’s great ain’t it… There is so much good about aspergers

Thanks for posting this! My son is having more difficulty with the negative characteristics of aspergers right now, so I really needed to see this.


I’m glad to have helped.
Thank you.

There is hope for better times.

There are very real problems that come with aspergers.

Sometimes I have found, looking at the good things that it gives… right there, we have the skills and abilities… to use them, to overcome those problems, or find ways to cope with them.

And just like everyone else, there are good times and bad times, cycles, phases…

It will get better, and when we get to that sunnier section of the road, we’ll be even better equipped, having grown through the adversity, to enjoy and share the journey

thank you for sharing this


It’s a privilege to be able to pass on, share, anything good.

Thank you


I found that with other things like this, back when I first found out about aspergers.
Eye opening, jaw dropping, goosebumps…

'That’s me! ’


Fits like a glove,
matches like a fingerprint.

For the most part.
Everyone is a unique individual, and will have their own unique mixture and degrees of traits


They are human traits.

Aspies tend to have the kind of traits in these lists, in good measure.

Everyone with aspergers is uniquely different, and will have their own unique mixture and degrees of traits.
Just like everyone else.
Aspergers traits are, after all, only human traits.
Just in different degrees and mixtures.

Not everyone with aspergers is the same.
Just like everyone else, we’re a mixture of human traits, experiences, motives.

We’re all the same, whilst at the same time being uniquely different from each other, like no two snowflakes are the same… But they are all snowflakes, whether they be aspie, neuro typical,… Whatever…

That’s why I don’t care for labels.
I’m me, and you are you.
And I just take each person as they are