55 down, 200 to go. I've modified my program to account for

55 down, 200 to go.
I've modified my program to account for the gradual increase in calories. By the end, in September, I'll be on a gradual gain at 3000 calories per day and an intense weight lifting schedule. The most important thing is maintaining my exercise routines, since the increased calories rely on those to facilitate the constant weight loss.
By the end of February, I'll be at the same weight I was when I hiked in Yosemite and climbed to the top of Nevada Falls. By May, I'll be where I was a decade ago when I left tae kwan do.
The only complication I have is the fact that I'm having to modify my diet due to diverticulitis I have developed from my previously unhealthy eating. Because of that, I have to increase my fiber intake in my diet. Not a big deal, but I need to keep an eye on it and stay healthy.
I need to remember that this is not a sprint, it's a long distance run... which I need to finish, coincidentally so I can do ACTUAL long distance runs.

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your post was so inspirational! life changes are meaningful, with small incremental changes which can be maintained. hugs and support to you! You can do this!

Thanks very much! I'm incredibly excited by it now. I'm finally to the point at which clothes that were too tight before fit great. Little things make big differences. I shaved my goatee last week. I had that scroungy thing for 8 years, but the truth is, I used it to hide my face because I was ashamed of my weight. Now, I feel the better option is to lose the beard and lose the weight. I can't wait to get to the point at which I can run for a solid hour without stopping. I loved that so much. I remember being in the hospital years ago, thinking I had a major health problem that would be debilitating and actually on the verge of tears because I wouldn't be able to run again. I pulled through the health problem, but gained so much weight that it happened anyway. It's going to be great to feel the wind again.