70 percent of woman have problems

Hot flushes, night sweats, irritability, mental confusion, heavy irregular periods and tiredness. Most women will experience these symptoms at some point, but why do some suffer more than others and what can you do about it?

If you're in your late 30s or early 40s and have never experienced a hot flush, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. Surely you just take off some layers and turn the heating down? Make that kind of comment to one of the 70% of menopausal women who suffer intense hot flushes that can last anything from a few minutes up to an hour, however, and you're likely to be met with a furious glare.

All women will go through the menopause and most will experience the symptoms to some degree. It's surprising then, that it's also a subject medical science still knows little about

having been greeted with an angry snarling woman who almost broke the teacups on the table it made me wonder what experiences others have suffered with the dreaded "change of life curse"

im allso wondering if u have a heavy start to the periods and problems if that makes a difference to how they end?

having been boring and sailed thru my own im curious to find out who else has had problems and what they have done about it.

otherwise im not going for tea again in a hurry :D

loving thoughts and positive vibes

I was wondering when all of us would gravitate here UGH. The hot flashes are better when there isnt alot of stress happening & I for one look forward to the re-wiring process thats been going on now the past 6years
=D. Don't like the forgetfulness tho, I go into a room & wonder why & what I'm looking for & in 10 seconds walk away & then remember OH. I do enjoy the freedom of not using/buying pads or tampons but keep some pads just incase..... go figure.....

I did notice my periods were not as long or as much & then one day just stopped. Good topic.


ive always been forgetful i have notes to remember the notes i need :D

but on a more serious note were u an early starter? i started at 11 and was like clockwork strange really and i love not buying towels or tampons, now its wrinkle cream that stands in their place

as always

loving vibes and positive thoughts

I was 12 & yes every 28days with really no problems pain, heavy flow, like others may have experienced like my sister & I personally love using light nite cream, doesnt clog my pores as much, of course damaged the crap outta it w/sun & now battle skin cancer (pound of flesh the surgeon says) no sunscreen back in my day, we sang to "Tall & Tan & young & lovely" am sure she died of skin cancer, wish & hope others STOP tanning grrrrr.

Take care of you.



if only we had all the knowledge that the youngsters have to day in our day............

as always

loving thoughts and positive vibes

Oh boy, I need to start reading about menopause, I think! I am having the forgetfulness thing that you mention, April, and started having irregular periods two years ago. When they got really heavy and painful I had an internal ultrasound done and they found a big polyp that is the cause. Now I'm waiting surgery to have it removed. All the blood loss has put me at nearly anaemic, so I'm tired all the time too. Can't wait for the hot flashes to arrive, those sound like a treat! Am already sweating in my sleep sometimes.

its such a pain in the .........

but u sound as if the hot flushes are just around the corner.

did u start early or late with your periods?

as always

loving thoughts and positive vibes

I honestly cannot remember when it started. Definitely before age 14. I certainly had painful ones, though. I know my mother was very late in life finishing hers, and I've read that a daughter's experience can be the same as her mother's, where that is concerned.
Thanks for your reply.

OK, now I'm laughing w/your comments "hot flashes, sounds like a real treat" & "cannot remember" there you go, I can appreciate D's having notes for my notes, I use to do that now I say what the heck & maybe put it on a calendar on the frig..... oh well.....

Question - Does anyone have hair lose from one area & hair growth where they dont want it?????


i think if u are refering to facial hair then yes it seems to be a by product of the change. i sport quite a neat tashe that needs creaming these days.

and if it is body hair u are refering too it seems to be on the thinner side

and yes birdygirl i heard that and my mam sailed hers and i did mine but time will tell if the girls will as well.

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes

I started late, 14 years old, and started having night sweats and hot flashes a few years ago. I noticed that my periods were getting heavier and lasting longer but they were always right on time. My mother had a hysterectomy so I could not ask her about it. My problem is that I suffer from infertility and never was able to have a child. I looked forward to a missed period and a positive pregnancy test but that never happened. However, as long as I was having a period, I had hope that I would have one of those miracles and a premenopausal baby. This is the first month that I have not had a period and negative pregnancy test so I have lost hope of having a child. I do believe that I have had that change in life and I am having a tough time with it. I have been taking a pregnacy test everyday. After the first one , I cried and cried knowing in my heart that this was it. Now I think I am in denial because I keep taking a pregnacy test every day. Has anyone else wanted a child and not been able to have one and then to stop having your periods? I have been on the infertility support group but it does not seem that any of those women have hit menopause.

I am 45 years old and my periods were very painful, I lost one ovary due to a cyst that ruptured. I have been very tired and forgetful so I am glad to hear that is part of the "change" and that I am not the only one.

Hi winterblues, your questions are justifiable & I noticed on the other site you were going to get a blood test? I understand you mentioned no insurance & maybe you can find a free clinic in your area. Please try to not assume anything until you have more information so you dont worry yourself as that would not help conception that your very motivated in. You've already said you understand its a long process & that your husband doesnt "get it" most men dont, your not alone there at all. Its ok to cry, we're here for you & please let us know your findings & as Bluidkiti said on another site before, her pap came back negative for menopause, as did mine. I was frank w/my obgyn & told her what was going on in my life, she said STRESS plays a large role in ones cycles, we're all different & again see a doctor if applicable for guidance/assistance/information & ease your pain. Please keep talking w/us & take care of you.


Actually my pap was ok but my doctor said I was definitely going through the change.

I was 12 1/2 when I first started my period. I even know the exact date because it is the day after when my dad’s birthday would have been if he were living. I started on January 20, 1974.

I do know that when I was having the hot flashes bad that any stress made them worse. My doctor prescribed Effexor for me along with suggesting I eat soy and drink soy products. I have been drinking soy milk ever since then. I also made slushies to help cool me off.

Hi winterblues, I had a miscarriage at 29 and then suffered infertility and never did have any children. My husband and I ended up divorcing so I guess it worked out for the best anyway. When I remarried at 39, we planned to have children at first but then decided we liked our life just as it was, just the two of us and nice and quiet. I know we decided against having the wonderful experience of children in our life, but we feel we made the right decision for us and have been extremely happy on our own. We have cats and love them as if they were our own children, and want to get dogs when we retire. There is a book that you might want to read, called "Nobody's Mother", that is a collection of stories by women who either decided not to have children, or who could not have children. It may give you some insights to ponder. I tend to believe there is a reason for everything, and it seems I was not meant to have children, so I have accepted that. Sometimes I wonder what will happen to us when we get old and don't have any children to care for us (as we seem to be caring a lot for his aging parents right now), but I have faith that it will become apparent at the right time.
I'm very sorry for your infertility, as I know the emotional pain of it very well. My sister in law became pregnant at the same time I did, and she had a full-term baby (who just turned 21). My advice would be to try and think about accepting your situation, and then try to think about something that might be a positive outcome of what you have been through. I hope that doesn't sound cold, but I think if you are doing pregnancy tests every day that you are in denial. Also realize that there are other ways to have children in your life who are not yours, and these can be very rewarding and fulfilling. There is adoption, foster-parenting, being a Big Sister, and probably other ways I can't think of right now. My wish for you is to find some peace of some kind soon, as prolonged anguish can be so very hard on the body and soul.

I have been one of those women. Hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, heavy periods, light periods, sporadic periods, forgetfulness, fatigue etc. I went to my doctor for help. My mother went through the change of life and was done by the time she was in her early 40's and so did my sister. They didn't really have any problems with having the symptoms except for their periods just stopped. Me? I am 49 and hoping the end is near for this. I have heard said if you wish to know how it will be with you, then check to see how it was for your mother. For me, it has been different. Though my maternal grandmother had it bad when going through the change of life. She had terrible hot flashes and had to receive shots for help with them. I have had to take an antidepressant to help with the hot flashes and the mood swings. My best advice is see your doctor.

Thank you to all for your words of encouragement and advice.

The hot spells are absolutely terrible. Mine started a year ago.Thats when I met my new best friend, the fan!!
Oh yes lets not forget the sex drive..I remember when I had what I felt was a nice healthy drive, now its gone once a month maybe twice thats it. When I do get a little tickle tickle in my spiecal place I have developed the ability to having multiple orgasms.

Hey scrubs, Welcome to SupportGroups.com . I think finally the hot flashes have pretty much left. I cut my hair when I began to have hot flashes because I couldn't stand anything on my neck. I haven't had a "real" period in a long time now. As for sex drive, I really haven't gotten mine back yet but I hear that can change once you get to the other side of going through the change. Thankfully, I have a loving, understanding and patient husband. Keep coming and sharing with us.