9 weeks later and I still can't sleep through the night

Yesterday was 9 weeks since we lost the first twin and today is 7 weeks since we lost the second. It still feels like just yesterday the doctors told me everything was fine to go home and then 4 days later i delivered my first son into the toilet in the hospital! it still takes me about 2 hours to fall asleep at night as all i can see is there sleeping faces. Even when i do finally fall asleep I wake up about every half an hour. I'm tired and cranky most of the time which is not fair to the 2 beautiful daughters that I DO have. does anyone have any ideas for sleeping?? Feeling like I'm starting to lose my mind. I am thankful for th kids and nieces and nephews i have but all I want is my babies back!

Hello there! I am really so very sorry for your losses, and I think that what you are going through is very normal. Have you talked to your doctor about your sleeplessness? Maybe they can prescribe something to help you get through this time. Otherwise, health food stores have herbal options that are more mellow and soothing. Sending you tons of healthy healing energy. Please keep sharing with us, you are not alone.

Hey! Thanks for your advice! I have not spoken to my doctor about any of this actually. I’m going to call and make an appt tomorrow. I haven’t seen her since before all of this happened. To be honest I’m terrified of sleep medications. My fiancee doesn’t hear anything when he’s sleeping so I’m scared I won’t hear my kids if they get up in the night. The what-if’s and I should’ves are killing me right now. I didn’t know this kind of un-necessary guilt was possible. Thanks again for your encouraging words. :slight_smile:

I am so sorry for your loses. That alone I'm sure is a large reason of why you aren't sleeping.

I have had much trouble sleeping. I have anxiety dreams all night, racing thoughts and wake up with anxiety and none of the meds seemed to help. My dr finally told me to try Melatonin which is over the counter in the vitamin/supplement isle. I started taking 1 30 mg at bedtime but last night uped it to 60 mg and I take 30 mg during the day, today first thing in the mornng. It's worth a try. My dr is always skepticle about herbs etc so if she recommended it I figured it was a great option to try.

Hope you feel better. Keep us updated.

Thank you for your help. To be honest I'm terrified of medications. i will talk to my doctor though becuase this is getting out of control. i was up until almost 3 am and finally fell asleep but then was up 3 times between then and 630 when i get up...ugh I guess it's time i give in and call the doctor. :(

I never sleep through the night. Though the melatonin helps I'm still up every 2 hours but manage to get back to sleep within a reasonable amout of time. Do talk to your dr before starting anything new, you don't need anymore problems. Good luck

Always_my_angels, if your fiance sleeps too soundly, then I understand about your concern regarding sleeping pills because of your girls. I have to agree with Shellie's recommendation of herbal sleep aids as they help relax you more, rather than completely knocking you out for the night. It seems that you need something to take your anxiety level down, and herbal sleep aids can help do so. You can find them at a health food or vitamin store. But, always check with your doctor before taking anything. Please let us know how you are doing, we are here for you.

I am truly sorry for your losses.

I suffered a miscarriage myself 2 years ago. Loosing an unborn child is a devastating and very personal loss.

It's only natural that you are experiencing sleep problems and I can't say too much about sleep-aids as that is a personal choice only you can make.I too had trouble sleeping after miscarrying and also after loosing my dad. I can sleep at night now. There still are the occasional nights that I cry myself to sleep but not nearly as often as I used to.

The only advice I can give to you is to seek counseling and support groups (maybe a support group that meets in person).I realize it may be hard to find the time to do this as you have two girls to care for but I definitely feel it's worth it to find the time somehow. Your mental heath is very important, even more so because you do have the girls.I was resistant to the idea at first, I remember thinking "it's pointless nothing can take my pain away and nothing can bring them back". But I'm really glad I did get help.

Also be patient with yourself, it sounds like your making an effort to be positive which is wonderful. I hope you also recognize though, that it's okay to not be positive all the time. You suffered a tremendous loss and you need to allow yourself to go through the stages of grief.
As you may know grief lasts a lifetime but the way you grieve does change. It's probably hard to believe, but one day you won't feel as awful as you feel today.

I 'm so sorry for what your going through.