A couple of things that might help some of you

one thing is (if you believe in jesus,ask him to eat with you. i wanted to stop smoking, and i did say, and lo and behold, i had the worse sore throat that i have ever had. free will, is your decision to do this or not. free will.

it just makes things tougher if you keep beating up yourself and treating yourself. make a note for you to see all day, starting with bedroom, kitchen, bathroom,that says, "i love my self enough to manage this over eating, gradually, not jump up and stop eating each day. i think it is about some other problem that has nothing to do with binge eating, love yourself. sincerely, saundra

Thanks this actually gave me a little hope. I am a Christian who has been hanging on to God for help. He has been gracious. However, there are times when I make a wrong choice and everything goes wrong. I'm still struggling from binge eating and compulsive/emotional eating. I hope this method helps me today.

ofton it is being allowed to binge eat certain things. for instant, you can eat as much saltines crackers you want. also throw in a few of those big dill pickels, pretzels, sour cream can make a great dip just springle dill weed (this is a spice it and look at all of the itms you can binge on. think how good pretzels would taste in the dip. no need to worry how much you binge eat with these items. then if yoou like the dip, well any vegetable will be fair game. the rule is "eat any amount you want." of course, if it is not allowed, ask him to eat it with you. this is a workable situation.

keep me posted, we can do this. sincerely, saundra