A friend emailed me - she is in full freak out mode regardin

A friend emailed me - she is in full freak out mode regarding my immediate need to have a job - "like yesterday". Duh, I know that. With unemployment ending in January I'm aware of the dire need for funds. Her panic however, strangely enough, doesn't freak me out even more - it calms me down. I realize that I'm already doing everything I can do to line up a new job and have some good ideas for when push really comes to shove. But more than anything - it shows me that she CARES and is freaking out because she's taken on my own panic as her own. Which is a bit dysfunctional but also sweet. My brother called today too - and he had a BUNCH of ideas for start ups for me to do (even though I have a start up that I'm working on -- in addition to the job search). What was SO SWEET is that here is my big brother worried about me trying to help. I'm really touched and it warms my sore old heart. Just a huge comfort to know people care. I was feeling so alone which made everything 10X worse.

your ability to re-frame a stressful situation is amazing. Thoughts and prayers are with you! Please keep us updated on how things are going!

Thanks Aura82 for your thoughts and prayers. Even though I don't know you, it means a lot to me. Sometimes just knowing that people care and are pulling for me helps a lot. When people offer advice that is a bit off the mark, I'm not overly dismissive of their ideas - I take them in the spirit that they're offered --- their attempt to fix my problem for me. The tough thing here is that some heavy lifting is now going to be required by me (hard work) and I"m basically a lazy person. But, I gotta save my own bacon here, so I have no choice but to get rolling. I saw an attorney today about filing for bankruptcy. It was a huge relief to know that for the price of his fee --- about 1,800 - which includes filing fees --- I can discharge all my credit card debt which is nearly to the 30K mark. Being divorced, the credit cards were always my fall back when the budget got too tight. I was making payments -- this entire year --- on every single debt --- but six months of unemployment is what really sank me. It will send my credit rating to the bottom of the black lagoon but at least all I have to worry about is my living expenses. A fresh start. A chance to do better this time and live within my means. Now I have to inventory everything I own. Thank GOD I don't own a dildo - or worse yet, have an entire collection. That would be embarassing. Are cats 'inventory'?