A good day

Today is one of my better days. I pray this feeling is contagious because today I feel awesome.... Any who, let me remind everyone that our condition is NOT a death sentence. Every time you begin to feel sorry for yourselves, or a little hopeless just imagine how horrible it is for all of those people who lost their loved ones during hurricane Sandy. Imagine how that mother feels who lost her two sons ages 2 and 4. I can't imagine her grief. So today and for the rest of our lives lets get a grip on our condition. Let's remember that we still have breath in our bodies. Let's stop crying about not possibly ever finding a mate and use that negative engery to help find a cure for this hideous but LIVABLE virus!!! I choose life today, who's on board with me?????

I'm on board with you!!! As a jersey resident I survived Sandy and saw the distraction it did first hand I'm actually am just 2 miles away from Sea Bright and Highlands 2 towns that still don't have electricity, heat or power. You can not enter these towns becouse the Army is Garding them. The only way in is if you show them your license with a Highlands address on it. A few miles the other way there's Keansburgh and Union Beach both towns that got flooded too. I know lots of people in these towns. Most of who I grow up with!!! I do feel sorry for victoms who've lost loved ones and there homes and are still in the dark, but I am angry to know there's looting going on in Highlands!!! There are people cleaning out medicine cabinets stealing liqueur and electronics and jewelry as well. Some people don't have a soul!!! When I look at all that and know I'm 100% ok I feel both lucky and sad and still manage to be happy. So your right about how we should feel good and not take life for granted, but also we should take time to look at these victoms say a prayer and donate to Red Cross becouse it is pretty bad.