A Hero is someone who saves you, A Hero is someone who changes you

A Hero is someone who saves you
A Hero is someone who changes you

We may have many Hero's in our lives and we may not even realize them. But it is time we really take some time and think about others for a moment in our world. How can we ever move on to another realm of our lives if we do not recognize those around us for who they really are to us?? What they mean to us? What they have done for us, to us? How they have made us a better person by what? By helping us find our way and changing us so we are finally saved from the horror we may call our secret lives. Be real. This is a reality check for you.

I ask you this,

"Who is your Hero? You have many, can you find one that has saved you or changed you in a way that makes you a better person?"

There are many heroes that shaped our lives and God bless them always. Thank you for this beautiful post.

We are all heroes.

A Hero is a person who keeps going on when it seems to dim, a Hero doesn't let the bad over shadow the good, a Hero has the strength to carry on when others give up.
There are a lot of Hero's here

Jeanna, wonderful post. My mom is my hero.

dear Jeanna, i have alot of heros, my mom is my hero for some reasons and my hubby is my hero for others, and my priest is my spiritual hero. but i think i am my daughter's hero too, and many people on this site are heros to me. all the beloved sufferors are heros to me, the ones who suffer cheerfully are my heros.

all my best with faith and hope and loving kindness, a prayer warrior

Thank you for such a great topic! My hero is my boyfriend of 10 years. He has been the greatest support to me through my journey in life. He and I have been to hell and back a couple of time in the 12 yrs we've know each other. My son is also my hero. At 4 yrs old, he reminds be how simple life is if you let it be that way.

I love the posts everyone!

Thanks for sharing.

I wanted to add - now lets take a moment and write them a letter. To tell them personally - just what they mean to you. Explain to them how they have helped you - they may not really know!

Tell them in this letter that they ARE your HERO.
Tell them....

This letter will be cherished, I guarentee it! Write it out nicely on a piece of nice paper. Take some time to really write it up nicely. Put it in a matching envelope.

Take some time to find the right paper and envelope. A personal letter.

Or a beautiful card, and add your personal touch to it.

A letter, a card, a note.....IS a GiFT! Let them cherish your appreciation and love for them. It will mean the world to them :-)

Ave Maria my friends!!!

dear Jeanna, what a nice thought i will probably do that. i can think of several nice cards i have to do that with. thank you for the challenge. know you and your family are loved and prayed for now, by a prayer warrior

dearest jeanna........... , my hero is the only man who ever really saw the light in my eyes and still cherishes me when it is gone . he has bathed me with his tender but calloused hands. he has nourished me with the delicasies only he knows i would eat when nothing else would statisfy my ravaged body , he had read to me in soft reassuring tones , calming me when i am agitated . when my very soul has failed and i am ready to give up it is he kisses away my salty tears and never ridicules . when my brokenness finally wins out it is he that tucks me safely in our bed and prays that i will be made whole .. ......my hero is the only man i have ever loved . i have given him my very life to call his own. ................my love letter to my husband , jim

Barri - you are so very Blessed! what a wonderful husband and hero you have! it is good to be grateful to those who are so loving. They can never hear it enough. Ave Maria! Bless you!!

My family, specifically my parents, are my heroes. No matter what I have done or where I have gone, they have always been there to listen and help me pick up the pieces. However, they can only help to a certain extent. In order to really fix whatever issue(s) you or I have, we need to have the will or desire to change on our own. In a way, we all our own heroes at some level. We have to pick ourselves up and move along no matter what happens if we want to better our lives.

wiilling44 - that is so very true! I love that!

We are our own heroes. Exactly! That something to start the day with! Thanks for that :-)))