A joke; Scientists conducted an experiment using chimpanzees

A joke; Scientists conducted an experiment using chimpanzees.

The placed a group of 10 chimps in an enclosure. At the top of the enclosure was a large bunch of ripe bananas. Each time the chimps tried to grab the bananas, they were hosed down. It didn't matter which one or ones tried, all were punished the same.

After all the chimps were trained, they removed one chimp and replaced it with a new chimp that did not know about the hose. When the new chimp tried to get to the bananas, the other chimps jumped on the new chimp and beat it. When another chimp was replaced, the former replacement chimp would join the other chimps in teaching the newest member not to go for the bananas.

The scientists continued this until all the original chimps had been replaced. Finally, they removed the hose. When one of the chimps was replaced, the new chimp naturally reached for the bananas but was quickly and swiftly punished by the senior chimps. When the new chimp asked why they couldn't get the bananas, the old chimps just replied, "That's how it's always been done"

LOL thanks my friend this is a good one. xo

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@Jennipain I love telling this joke when driving home the point of why we sometimes must question the merits and efficacy how things are done. It’s funny, but true. Nobody is going to make a monkey out of me…or an ape. :smiley: