A Lasting Impression

If you have Depression, Anxiety, Family, or any other problems of that nature. Things that seem to effect thinking and or emotions. You know what it's like. I've heard it said here surly most people would agree. You wouldn't wish that for, or want to pass that on to your kids or your Loved ones. Right?

There are some really good things to pass along though.

Some times people have responses or things they say without really even thinking about it. IE: my dad used to say that all the time thats probably where I got it from. Or Hmm I never really thought about how someone might feel if they really took that seriously?

I've forgotten allot of things over the years. But there are a few things that people have said to me that I will never forget.

What I really believe had a strong impact on the beginning of my depression, was a present I got from a Catholic Nun and was signed by my mother.

She was one of my grade school teachers, and of course as a kid your suppose to lookup to and believe your elders such as your teachers. And as a Christian your certainly suppose to respect and believe what a representative of God has to say.

Well I didn't do well in school. I had ADD, although in those days it was undiagnosed and untreated. I was just considered to be lazy and not trying hard enough.

One day this wonderful instructor from God. Kept me after class so she could tell me something. That was over 40 years ago so I don't remember all of what she said. But I can still see her face and even hear the sound of her voice today, When I think about the part I do remember of what she said.

She looked me directly in the eyes and very clearly said:
Boy she really taught me something to remember.

Of course when I told my mother this She didn't believe me. "Oh thats just ridiculous""Where did you dream that up?""A woman of God would never do such a thing"

Looking back I remember that she kept me after everyone else had left. I figure a nun probably would not want to be witnessed saying something like that. So Who ya gona believe?

So now the word on the street is: I'm a lazy slacker, a teacher from God has informed me in no uncertain terms that I'm worthless. My own mother is telling me I'm a liar and she doesn't believe me. Hmm Thats weird I was kinda hoping to get Love and understanding and instead She just told me she doesn't trust me and she would readily believe someone else over her son.

And thats just the beginning. at about 8 years old.

the story does have a happy ending in a way though.
At other times when I would go wining to mom about: I can't do this or I can't do that. Mom would tell me "you can do anything you want" "absolutely anything you can dream of""If you want to do it bad enough you can do it".

Ya know how they say: Take what you want and leave the rest? Well that's the one I chose to keep.

With all the ups n downs, nasty real things and nasty feelings, Depression, loneliness, withdrawal, and on and on.

I've thought about it. even figured out different ways, Even researched medical facts on what method would be fastest with th least pain.

But fortunately I always seem to come back to that. She's right. I really can do allot of pretty cool stuff.
Thanks MOM.

Think about what you say to the people you Love.
It's Incredible what a couple of words can do over 40 years later n even more.


Anyone of us, in the world, including you,have or has done or said inappropriate things @ one point & time that they regret (if they wanted to know & really learn from it) & then had to pay the price of the SCARS/guilt it left in US or others lives or our loved ones & then learn by it so its never repeated, thanks for spreading the word.

Love April

So true. I’ve seen both sides of that coin. If I had it all to do over again?

Well maybe not all but, some of it for sure.

Love ya whole bunches Sun Shine.


Trick, People really don't realize how harsh their words can wound us. I'm sorry for that bad memory you have, especially coming from a emisary of God. I feel you have overcome most of that, but always remember God loves you and has always had a plan for your life. His opinion is really the one that counts. I think this whole life journey is a trial to prepare us for heaven. If we pass the test accept, believe and trust in God we will be rewarded in heaven. That has gotten me through a lot of difficult times in my life. Hope it helps you too. Hugs, Raylene

Thanks Raylene,

I need all the hugs I can get.

Give yourself "two" of them also. One from Raylene cuz ya definitely need all the good stuff she can give you.

And one from that guy you met online. ;-)



u are amazing only u could run a pick up line and offer advice at the same time.

my favorite from childhood "LEAST SAID SOONEST MENDED"

as always

loving thoughts and posiitve vibes

D :)