A life of my own

I'm a former Marine. I was sexually assaulted by my superior when I was enlisted and that, on top of the carnage I witnessed in my job, caused me to have PTSD and a panic disorder. I was found to be 100% disabled in 2008. I lived on my own for a year after finally having the money to support myself, but then I had my home taken away from me by someone who sued me. I didn't now how to defend myself so I lost my home and my car. I have been living with someone since then and it has become a degrading relationship. It was ok to start with, but now, it's like he realizes that I have no way to get away from him. I can't save enough money to afford another car or to put down a deposit on an apartment, so I truly am stuck. Even to get a car loan I need at least $2k to put down. The only thing I can do is to live in a hotel - for $800 a month - and that scares me. I don't think I could deal with all the noise and the impersonal surroundings. That's not a HOME. The relationship is not physically abusive. I just have no control over my own life - where I go, when I go, who I see, what I do. I see no future for me living like this.

Does the VA have any programs to help someone get out on their own?

All I want in the world is my own little place and any type of transportation. I don't mean purchasing a house. Just to RENT some place. All I want in the world is just to HAVE MY OWN LIFE.

Here are a couple of links to organizations that help vets...hopefully this can help you or get you in touch with someone that can help you!! God Bless You and thanks so much for your service!!