A lil more than lost

so to some of you, it may be a lil disturbing in a way, but im really confussed. ive been with my boyfriend for almost 4 years and i love him to death. but as of recently, he doesnt really turn me on, or i just dont want to sleep with him. i dont know whats wrong with me. i was thinking it may be because im thinking more on how me and him look now. we have both figured we both need to loose weight. we let ourselves go so to speak after we started dating because we got comfortable with eachother. now i dont want him to know what i look like under my clothes and his stomach grosses me out. ive told him that we need to start eating healthier and excersizing, but he has foot problems where he needs surgery and any long term activity hurts him. and we dont have jobs so its hard to pick and choose what to eat. we take wha we can get, or starve ourselves tikll we get something decent. so im really hoping its something else cuz i dont want him to get frustrated with me.

I've been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years and i have a similar problem. I just don't have the same sex drive with him as i used to. I've actually wanted to have sex with other people. I know thats mean. I just don't know what to do.

In your case, i think if you both take off the weight you want then yall should be good!! :).. or try having sex with your shirts on or something like that.. lights out.
hope this helps!

lol thats how it normally is, and believe me! i no what you mean by sex with other people lol i want to but then i dont. cuz i dont want to hurt sumone i love so much, but i dunno.i think that maybe, if i got to the point where i kiss sumone else, and it feels right, then my relationship with my bf may need sum working over

Hi Sami, it seems that you know exactly what the problem is which is half the battle, now it's all about working together to lose weight. A lot of fast food restaurant chains have healthier and lighter options now. As well, maybe you and your boyfriend can try floor exercises together to start, like pilates, and other forms such as sit-ups. If you need any tips or help let me know. I just want to see you continue on with your relationship, because you two clearly love one another.

if you have a wii they have lots of great games for weight loss!! i like to use just dance.. its really a workout!!.. or if you just have a dvd player try an exercise dvd you can both do! it could be fun!!

That's such a great idea Amanda! I don't belong to a gym, I work-out with some simple/basic equipment at home, such as a fitness step and weights, and also run and walk outdoors.

Hi sami and amm,

I have been married for 12 years and I lost interest in having sex with my wife many years ago, but we still have a great relationship together, just not a sexual one. I am not saying go out and do what I am, but you got to make a decision that will work for you. I tried one night stands, sex with other partners and much more. The thing is meanless sex is worse then no sex, the only thing I have found a way to deal with it was I had a female friend with the same situation and all we had was a sexual relationship together in secret and that worked for years until we both moved for work to different places, so now I am back at the drawing board. But all I am saying is do what you must to enjoy life and get the most of it whie you can, bacause life is too short not too. I wish you both alot of luch and if you need to talk you want advice, I will be here. Chris