A little blue nothing serious


I feel a little blah today....not sure why. I went out with my brother to the amish country for a nice day. I keep going on in my head though about the married guy.

What he's doing, does he miss me etc.

I guess its just that kind of day. They can't all be good i guess.

Don't waste anymore thoughts on that person for if you only knew how much THEY are NOT thinking of YOU. I was where you are 26yrs ago. I found out I was lacking inside, so look within as to WHY you would accept CRUMBS from anyone or ever surround yourself with that type of person. And thank goodness your young still. I hope you think it through, the answer is within.


Thank you April,

that is something to think about. you are right. he's not thinking about me. To hell with him. He can go spend time with his wife that looks like she's 12 lol!