A little nervous and scared and emotional tomorrow I will ha

A little nervous and scared and emotional tomorrow I will have a fine needle aspiration biopsy done on a lump the size of my middle finger on Right breast . But I know God will be with me and I should feel know fear for he will be near . Asking for a pray chain to start please that everything comes back fine on results thanks everyone. Have a blessed night.......

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You are in my thoughts, please let us know how the test goes! Hugs!

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@CKarma yes I will keep you informed unfortunately the surgery got reachsueled to Monday Dec.22 .Now because they will be doing this a different way now the fine needle aspiration biopsy she will not do because she said of the risk of the lump in my breast being to close over to the lung area and she want’s to do a surgical biopsy and just cut it out now instead Thanks ckama for you loving concern on this means the world to me right now a lot of this is bringing me down and making me worry a lot and anxious and making my anxiety and bipolar go round and around.

The hard part is over surgery was yesterday waiting on biopsy results to come thru in a couple of day. Have a little swelling going on so I'm using the ice pack a lot and pain med every 6 hours. It's just so uncomfortable up under there like it is where you underwire goes you know so sports bra for a three weeks and then back to get staples out there was some fluid built up around the lump?/cest so I'm glad we did get it out now instead of wait for six months . urrrggghhhh what a wonderful Christmas and Mondays to the dentist Monday to get a tooth pulled yeepie ya this girl ain't going out in the pasture today so trying to keep my boots kicked off and relaxe as best as I can but still got to tend to God's creatures. Have a good day ya'all

What happened with this, Cowgirl?

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@Seattlerainn OH MY SO SORRY TO RESPOND SO LATE ON THIS ISSUE! I didn’t even see this come through on the date you sent it uuummm? And thanks for asking and your concerns on this matter. Everything came back great bless the Lord no cancer was found and I’m steal hanging on strong