A little worried

A little worried.

I think I have shopping problem. I coupon and I justify buying things by saying I get a deal. But I have been spending more money than I'd like. I'm going to try to not spend any money until it's time for Christmas shopping. I don't feel good after I shop and sometimes I even return things because I realize I don't need them. I want to get help with this because I have financial goals. I do try to occupy my time with the gym , arts and crafts , and the library but I always find a way to spend money. I've tried to give myself a budget but I don't really follow it. I'm going to really work on getting better. I have 2 credit cards to pay before September and then after that I'm done.

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Have you considered going to a cash only system or switching to a debit card?  This can help you see exactly what you are spending.  

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@CKBlossom yes, credit can be dangerous. @NoraOh, therapy can help if you have insurance. This group is supportive with insightful members if therapy is not an option. There may be groups like narc anon for shopping addicts. Glad you are here reaching out for help. Sounds as if you have a solid plan.best wishes.