A Moms Perspective

If you haven’t had a chance to read the blog Anorexia Mummy (http://anorexiamummy.blogspot.com), you should. As someone in recovery from an eating disorder, I found it interesting to read about it from the mom’s perspective. In my own eating disorder, I was so incredibly selfish and dishonest, that I rarely, if ever, stopped to consider the effect of my actions on anyone else. Especially, because I was a grown adult and not under my parent’s roof, I didn’t stop to consider the real impact on my mom, especially.

It’s so tough to read a mom plead, 'How do you make her eat?'
“We have sat there many times waiting till everything is finished, and it never happens. I can sit there from morning till night with refusal through silence, name calling, throwing food, and hitting and kicking ( i have had three broken bones in the last 2 months and many bruises due to this). All of which i can handle except the broken bones.”

Nobody quits an eating disorder because of guilt, but understanding how my actions affect others was part of my decision to get help.

you make a very good point - sometimes we get super wrapped up in our disorders that we can't see beyond it, and those we care about and who also care for us become lost.