A quote I found helpful

When I was in residential treatment, one of the therapists, Caroline Nichols, said something that really resonated with me and I thought I would share it. We were talking about trauma and how different people define trauma differently. Caroline said, "It doesn't have to be traumatic to anyone else if it's traumatic to you."

and never a truer word was spoken, like our hair colour and skin tones people hav different degrees of trauma and coping mechanisums and thats what makes us all unique and special
positve vibes and loving thoughts coming for u

i am such a believer in that statement - i used to have an abusive boyfriend who would belittle my problems by focusing on all his problems... it always made me feel like **** and like the trauma i was going through was a figment of my imagination, cause HE had been through so much more than I had...

finally, i was like "you know what, these are things i am going through now and the problems are very real for me. as much as i'd like to put them aside cause someone out there has a more difficult struggle than i do, i can't because it's my life i'm living, not theirs." ... maybe not put that eloquently, since he was abusive and all... but you see where i am going...

i do indeed see where u are going men are capable of cuttin their finger and insisting it needs major surgery.

and u shouldnt worry about those who are worse off than u cos when u are capable u will help them like now on the fourums, u are helpin and hopefully gettin some sort of positive for yourself out of it as well.

selfish is not a sin, to neglect your needs and emotions are.
sending positive vibes and loving thoughts

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