A week ago at around 5am I woke up feeling strange. My body

A week ago at around 5am I woke up feeling strange. My body felt heavy, and when I went to lift my head, I couldn't. My head felt heavy and I was so very dizzy. Since then, I have had nausea and dizzy spells regularly. The first thing that comes to mind is a TIA, or mini stroke. My Mom started having them when she was around ten years older than I am right now. I know that a CT scan will show if there was any blockage. The thing is, I am not sure if I want to know . If the answer is yes, there is nothing to be done except live with the dizziness and wait and see what happens. I guess maybe I don't want to know because it means more are coming. I watched my Mom go through this and it was scary. What to do?

Would you feel comfortable mentioning it to your primary doctor next time you see him/her? And stress that you are interested in his/her opinion, but really aren't up for a battery of tests. Thing is, it might be what your mom went through, but it might be something else. First thing that comes to my mind is a vestibular migraine, which symptoms include nausea and dizziness, but not necessarily pain. Many people who suffer from regular migraines will also experience vestibular migraines.
I also know that on more than one occasion I've gone to my doctor convinced I have one thing, only for her to promptly say I have something else. She's usually right too, lol.
Hope you are feeling better now. *hugs*

Thanks, Rainey. Good idea. I think I will, but he is not one to be deterred. I could be opening up a can of worms.

Please research magnesium. To quote "Magnesium is important to the body, and so low magnesium can cause a host of problems, such as:
irregular heartbeats, loss of appetite, insomnia (a killer for migraineurs!), weakness, shortness of breath, PMS, anxiety, dizziness, nausea, and poor coordination."

@321bill Ok, I have 250mg. How much, how long to tell If it works?

@marinewife: Start w/ one AM and one PM after eating something. You should notice something after 2 weeks. The best is Magnesium-L-threonate which does wonders for many things.

@321bill Thank you Mr. Bill. I will give it a try. If it doesn’t help, it certainly can’t hurt.