A while back I went to two counseling sessions.... what's th

A while back I went to two counseling sessions.... what's the point of counseling? I've tried it before... it never helps... all you do is bring up negative things... without any resolution.... you walk away feeling just as depressed if not more so...
I hold all my feeling in... I alienate myself... I hate feeling depressed and worthless all the time... I hate burdening others... so, I keep to myself.... which, is more depressing... I don't want to live like this... makes me not want to live.
I'm so sick of being alone.
I was in a really abusive relationship with a narcisist. Then, I met someone who treated me good... he didn't yell at me, call me names, or hit me... but, I ran from tlhe relationship when he called me a 'B..ch" I really loved him.
Now, I find out he has moved on with someone else. I'm devestated. Why live? I will never find someone else... :(

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Hard stuff you're going through. Feeling depressed, feeling worthless, feeling you'll never find someone else, etc. One of those would be hard enough, but you're going through several biggies at once.

Regarding counseling: crappy therapists make life worse. Good therapists make life better. You need a therapist who gets where you're coming from, and respects you, and has the skills to help you feel less depressed, not more depressed. I can help you find one if you want -- I've helped several friends find one.

@L2015 When I went to counseling they just sit there and then say “time is up”

Yup, crappy therapists suck. How many therapists have you gone to?

A few months ago I went to two counseling sessions...
A long time ago I went to counseling... he was really good. But, he doesn't do counseling anymore. He's a Director for another Program.

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Glad you once had a good one. Is there any way you can contact him? Tell him you need a referral to someone similar to him, because your last counselor was useless. (Therapists love to give referrals.)