A whole bunch of cool stuff

So much for posting all in one place. I wrote this off line in a text editor, so I could post it more than one place. Besides I’m tired of writing books and then accidentally closing the browser, or the many other things that could go wrong.

I’ve been in very pleasant spirits lately and have really been enjoying all the neat stuff going on around here, as well as the wonderful warm Fall weather.

Ok pleasantries appeased, let’s get to some worthwhile content.
If you could describe it as such, fortunately I’m a veteran. Although I don’t agree with the cause or the methods.
I’ve moved on now but membership still has its privileges. Such as I get my head shrunk for nothin and my drugs for free

So I went to see my dope dealer today, but I had to wait a little bit. Apparently those shrunken heads are pretty popular these days? So I went for a walk and discovered how huge and beautiful the woods in that area are. Nice.

Coming home with my stash of goodies I stopped downtown and noticed that they were announcing the winners for the art prize thing that has been and will continue to be going on till next weekend. Every Network TV crew I can think of was there. Including WKTV who I’ve done a lot of behind the scenes technical work for myself. With everybody in one place. It gave me a great opportunity to talk with a lot of tech. staff from FOX, WOTV, WXMI, Channel 13, and others, I met several local news reporters and anchors. Including one of the local news gals that I couldn’t help introducing myself to. We shook hands and had a nice chat for a few minutes. I’m sure she’s used to that sort of thing, and she’s probably married any way, but even if she wasn’t a TV personality, I’ll probably never wash that hand again… lol Sorry it’s a guy thing. ;-) Like I said though membership does have its privileges some times.

I then went on to listen to and chat with many musicians playing in the street or on the sidewalk I suppose. lol

Another Great day…. Hmmmm this could be habit forming? I think I like that.

Patrick L.

I'm so happy that you're loving life these days. Maybe we all should see your "Drug Dealer" LOL. Sounds like you live in a very interesting place. We have a lot of festivals in my area in the fall too. I went the County Fair last week and it was great. I think I told you I had returned to work at the High School I retired from. This was homecoming week and these days it's wild. One day they dress up like characters, on anothr day for a different decade. It is pretty crazy to say the least, but the kids look forward to it each year. Kids have a way of making you feel alive again, I guess cause their lives are just beginning. I hope you continue to enjoy all that is offered near your home. Hugs, Raylene

Hi Raylene,
Thanks. Yes Kids, dogs, music, creativity of all sorts.
And the amazingly cool thing of x-Hundreds of thousands of people getting together all sober, very few even smoking. Lots of outdoor activities, everyone smiling, being pleasant, and courteous. Way Cool!!

I've thought about writing some more intense philosophical stuff.
But I'll save that for later ;-)



i feel we dont know enough well enough to use your given name :D u make me jealous of all the things u can attend in your neck of the woods for free, wish we had more going on here

as always

loving thoughts and positive vibes
D :)

O.K. well I guess this is the rockin' post now for the day. Nice to hear all the gratitude. It's an attitude, isn't it? I wasent feeling so peachy this a.m. but the above comments are motivating. And we have an artfest going on right now where I live. Question: is this site geographically contained? Are we all in the same town or is this national? I just joined this morning, so basically I don't know what or who or where the hell all my comments go out to. And I've been on the computer this a.m. since 6:00 Mich. time.
Have commented on 5-6 items. Like a lot of Trick's postulations.
I have ADHD. Qualifies me to speak here, I think.
Anyway all good fun and good days. Or, as has been the standard reply to "Semper Fi,"- "Fair winds and following seas"
To all, T

trini the site is world wide.

where i live i have open country and sheep

loving thoughts and positive vibes

D :)


Thanks for the info. Where I live is in a city where there are way to many crack addicts. I envy you.


some years ago I used to live on Manhattan Island. New York city. 10101

I spent most of my time in an area that for many years has been known as Hells Kitchen. Actually most people would know it by it’s more popular name Time Square, Broadway, 42nd. st. and all that. But I actually lived on the edge of Harlem on 105th. st. Crack wasen’t the in thing yet but I was two blocks away from a methadone clinic and the area was full of heroin addicts. Yuckie.

Now I live in a city in West Michigan and there are some crack addicts around so Ive been told. I wouldn’t know one if I saw one. I’ve never even seen what crack looks like, nor do I even want to know. There are allot of drunks, bums, and pan-handlers around though.

If ya just ignore that junk though, This is actually a very nice city. It’s actually quite large but it’s very clean and most people are more small town down home friendly. Compared to allot of places I’ve been.

Patrick L

Trick,Thanks for the P.R. but I just abruptly got out of a 5 year relationship with a textbook sociopath. And I'm trained to recognize these things, but this guy was GOOD. Anyway, it ended by the skin of my teeth and the last synape in my head. So, here I am generalizing, something Iknow better than to do. Rather, I (really!) do consider myself lucky. Got real tiring having to defend myself against....whatever he was in the mood to put me on the defensive about. He did'nt give a sh... It was all just psychological warfare to him. And I only know that in retrospect.
Sorry to rant. G.R. is nice. It's sociopaths are not.


stick around trini. It doesn't matter if you talk with me or someone else here. there is allot of good things to be heard here. lots of very smart warm and caring people.

All the best Patrick L.
aka Pa(trick)

Oh, I'll stick around. My tenacity has been both a blessing and a curse. Iknow I'm in the right place. Anyone would if they read the Last story of my own addiction. Or lack thereof. Not knowing how to create a discussion, I just put it under Addiction: "addiction...prescription drugs." I feel blessed and very fortunate. Would'nt feel this way if I were in the wrong place. I don't think. Anyway, there's a significant story there if you want to read it. God was certainly in the mix then.

Praise God,



will read it as soon as i can hon

looking forward to it

loving thoughts and positive vibes

D :)