About to give up

well ive been married to my husband for almost 6 years now and things where really bad a few years ago and we seperated for 9 months then got back together and we moved to colorado ,he does construction so we have to go where the work is , then he got hurt at work that was a year ago last month now he seems to be falling deeper and deeper into depression hes suppose to be having surgery and they keep putting it off for some reason , and our 14 year old daughter moved in with us which is alot of stress because shes always in trouble and then last week i found out i have to have surgery and have a ovarian cyst removed which ive had done before but i also have to have my gal bladder removed and since hes on workmans comp they cancelled our insurance so i have no way of paying for it which i know hes really worried about because im in unbearable pain all the time anyways weve stopped talking to each other stopped having sex stopped hugging and kissing or really having anything to do with each other at all i dont know what to do ive tried talking to him but dont get much out of him he spends most of his time playing games on the computer and totally ignoring me im so lonely and depressed somedays i dont even want to bother getting out of bed i dont know what to do

Hi Justmeagain86, I am so sorry for what you are going through and for your pain. I am praying for you and hoping that you will be able to resolve this quickly, so that you are no longer in any pain. Do you have any relatives that you can turn to for help at this time? Also, it seems that the best thing to do is to resolve your health issue first and then to figure out next steps in your relationship. Does that seem do-able for you? I am here for you and here to help you in any way that I can.

Well I can tell you this, the games and the computer are a parasite and they are disrupting your relationship... you need to find some time to sit down and have open calm discussions.... honestly, he has got to snap out of it..
is hin Injury so bad that he can't do anything.....Is there anyway you guys can just get out of the house for a day? get out of that rut?

Try to see if you can get him off that computer some, they really are Relationship killers..... actually addictive.

Justmeagain86, how are you doing? Just checking in to see how things are progressing.

well things are about the same well maybe worse , i had to take my stepdaughter to her other moms the other day for her summer visitation and my great niece and nephew where here for a few days cuz i wanted to see them their 2 and 6 months old anyways we have a pickup which has a back seat but my husband has a huge speaker in the back that takes up half of it so i took my 6 month old niece with me and left the 2 yr old here with my husband because he refuses to take the speaker out even though we have the (not enough room ) problem a lot because of it well my daughter is 14 and she had told me that she told her other mom that we would be there at around7 or 8 that night we got there early so i thought we would go shopping we got to her moms at 8:10 and apparently my daughter had lied to me and my husband and his ex had done called the cops and where out looking for us and of course they got my daughters lies first so by the time i got home my husband was pissed , he started screaming at me in front of the babies which scared the **** out of them the baby was asleep in my arms and it startled her and she jumped ( i couldn't help but cry ) i felt so bad for her he called me irresponsible he told me to get the **** out he told our whole family even my niece (the babies mom) and now i don't know if they can stay with me anymore the whole family is mad at me i really don't understand what i did wrong i had good intentions i am a good mom and i take care of my great niece and nephew all the time and i love them so much i cant have babies so they are the closest i am gonna get and now Ive lost them it hurts so bad i was all ready depressed but now its worse , i told my husband i want to kill myself and he was so busy with his game he didn't even look at me i wonder if he would notice if i was gone or if he would care i don't really think anyone would give a **** and im so scared i'm gonna do it

Justmeagain86, I am so sorry for what happened when your great niece and nephew were in town, that's absolutely awful. So, to understand correctly, your husband wasn't paying attention when you left and then got really upset at you for being gone for as long as you were? When all along you told him where you would be? Can you explain everything that happened to your family, as they have to understand that your husband was wrapped up in his game playing. This is really ruining not only your marriage, but your relationship with your family, which is so wrong and not fair to you. Has he shown any remorse or signs that he is wanting and willing to get help and change?

puppydoglvr , i have tried explaining to them what happened but since they are his blood family they of course are going to believe him not me ,but things have cooled off by now and everyone is not as angry at me like they where

I am happy to hear that things have cooled off now. How are you doing and feeling about everything?