Abuse in edlely

I would like to get help on finding a group for family members who loved ones were taken advandged of by people who take there money steal from them and make that person believe all they say, I lost my father to such a person ,he passsed away with out us even being able to see or talk to him, she let him suffer . she is a con we need to protect our loved ones from these people, if an aminal was treated like that that person would be arrested ,but seems like police do not want to take action on her ,help me to do just thatand to help others in need
thank you


I am sorry for your loss. Even though there are laws against elder abuse, the situation is more common than you would expect. You sound like a person who is ready to fight for others so they do not have to go through what your loved one did. Reaching out is not only a great way to make a difference, but also a way to help with our own healing.

Thank you for taking a stand for what is right. I am glad you are here.

i do wish I could really bring those who hard our loved one to court, we need to take action on this as soon as we can help me find a way to do this and i will fight for the rights of our eldely loved one just point me to the right way and I know that I have others that will hel thank you ,betster

Hi Betster,

Go to the National Adult Protection Association Website at
http://www.apsnetwork.org/ This site will offer a TON of information and guidance for how to file a complaint against the perpetrator. The site can also give you information on how to be an advocate for elderly rights. I hope this helps. I am a firm advocate as well. I was a Social Service Director of a nursing facility for many years and fought for elders rights and still do my part to advocate for those who can't.

Keep in touch.


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