Acceptance and serenity

I am beginning to be able to accept my conditions and love myself "as is" without giving up the hope that things can be better.

Truth is, things can always be worse, and they could always be better.

Trick is to be thankful that things are not any worse, and when they are good, be thankful of that one as well.

No matter what comes up, it is a matter of acceptance.

Accepting what life IS, instead of wanting it to be different.

What causes so much stress and depression?
It is in the MIND, as far as wanting things to be different than they are.

Even ourselves, wanting our selves to be different than what we just are.

How about try to accept yourself and love yourself the way you are.
It is called Unconditional love.

Without judging or criticizing myself, without comparing myself to others.

When I start to feel uneasy, I say to myself OK, this is an OPPORTUNITY to learn.
What can I learn from this?

Instead of wanting things to be different, which causes stress and depression,
I have the choice to instead, accept my life as it is.

For it is in the desire that we suffer.

In order to eliminate the suffering , we must eliminate the desiring (for things to be different) than they just are.

This is what is working for me today.

I do what I can and I have my goals in place. Make a plan and stick to it for what I myself can do, including changing my own perspective when I start to feel uneasy about anything.

Truth is we always get to choose how we feel about any given circumstances.

Truth is that everyone suffers why should we not?

Truth is that there is a purpose in suffering and an opportunity to learn and to change our own perspectives.

Accepting is the key for me today.

If I simply accept things as they are, not as I would like them to be.
But embrace what IS and do my own best at what I can do w/ my circums, it seems at that point God fills in the rest.

"Faith without works is dead"

So I must do my part and leave what is beyond my control to God. Knowing that everything happens for the best, even if I cannot perceive at the time what that is.

Blind Faith is what I use to get through and to remain at ease.
Staying focused on Today.

Today is all I have for all I know, so let me make the most of it.

Beautifully written Pegasus, for the 1st thing is to love who you are and to know that you are a good person and will defeat the feeling of feeling bad, you have my support and prayers to be who you are and to continue to share those words of wisdom that you do..
thank you

Yet again Pegasus, your post is brilliant and such an important reminder to gain acceptance where life is now and today. I believe that through acceptance you are able to gain more clarity and outlook for the future. If you are combative with the present, then it's hard to move forward in a positive manner. Once you gain acceptance, then you are able to see the future more clearly and peacefully. Thank you again so much for sharing these wonderful words of wisdom with us.

Thanks Frederick and thanks Pup

In accepting and in Letting Go
things just become so much easier for me to handle.

Frederick, that's so true and so right on, it really helps the healing process once you let go and gaining acceptance. I am practicing that myself.

My goal for now is to change the life of one person at a time.

The information might sound to easy to do or maybe to difficult at first but I promise you it’s the only cure you will ever need if and only if you apply it.

Let me start with the basic. We as humans under our skin, muscles, bones, blood, atoms, and electrons are ENERGY. We look solid but under it all we are a ball of energy constantly moving in motion. If we are energy then our thoughts are energy. A positive thought creates a positive energy and a negative thought creates a negative energy. Only you are in control of what kind of energy your body would emit. Our thoughts create our reality the outside world.

For an example when you think of someone and that person calls you a few seconds later or you bump into that person at the store and you say to yourself "Hey I was just thinking about you". That’s no accident your thoughts created that into a reality.

If you don't like your current reality and would like to change it it’s not going to come from a pill or twenty visits to a psychiatric doctor its going to come from the images you hold in your mind. Your the Michael Angelo of your life paint a picture of the life you want to live not what you want to eliminate but the life you want to live now and hold that image in your mind everyday with a positive attitude and an optimistic belief that it will come and that’s what you will attract in your reality.

It's sad that the best gift given to man is rarely used my man.

Close your eyes for 20 minutes in a mediated state every morning and before you go to bed and see yourself the way you want to see yourself. See yourself in your mind and feel it as thou its already presently your current state of being. During the day repeat this affirmation. "I'm whole, perfect, strong, powerful, harmonious, loving, and happy" these are all facts about you the spiritual “I Am”. We can never be all those things in the physical world but we are spirit beings living in this body.

I love you stay positive and don't let doubt fear, jealousy, envy creep back in to your mind anymore those are darkness realities. Only let light shine outwardly from within. You’re a very powerful person made in the image and likeness of the creator. Use your inner power to shine bright onto this world. You have the master key in your possession. Unlock your true potential.

Email me at [email protected] I have a 24 week course to be done 1 week at a time that will teach you more in depth how to conquer and defeat any sickness or disease. Remember no disease can live in a body that’s at ease. Disease comes from a negative condition that can be reversed. You hold that power not the 1,000’s of different pills but you and you alone.


Dennis Leonardo

wow Dennis , that is awesome, thank you for that and thank you for spending your time to write this to me. I very much appreciate every thing you are saying. I have toyed with this and practiced this exact thing intermittently, and i admit that the stress has taken back a hold of me and my own ability to create my reality
we can be controlled by either / or and I was actually now that you mention it "just thinking" this exact thing before I sat down to my computer and found your wonderful reply.