Acupuncture and Chinese medicine on herpes outbreaks associa

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine on herpes outbreaks associated with the menstrual cycle

From a textbook...
"In terms of recurrent herpes outbreaks in females associated with the menstrual cycle, dampness in the lower burner increases and accumulates premenstrually. This is because blood and fluids flow together, and when blood is sent downward to the uterus, fluids arrive there first. Postmenstrually, many women are left blood and yin vacuous and insufficient. This can thus give rise to damp heat lesions due to yin vacuity fire flaring. In addition, at midcycle, yin has reached its extreme and is transformed into yang. Therefore, heat in the body increases in general. If there is either accumulated dampness or qi depression, this may be transformed into damp heat."

dampness = richness, nutrients, turbidy...
Yin = fluids, plasma/sweat, vaginal secretions, fuel, candle wax to supply the work/fire
Yang = active part of the entity, warm/hot
Premenstrually, blood and yin/fluids accumulate at the uterus, literally building up the uterine lining.
Postmenstrually, this blood and yin is sloughed off and out, potentially leaving a vacuous situation.
Imagine a pot of boiling water on the stove. The pot is fine until the water boils out; the water absorbs/transfers the heat, keeping the pot cool. When the water is gone, then the pot takes all the heat and eventually physically warps the pot. The heat that lends to warping the pot can lend to an outbreak, which would be chilled out by the body is fluids had been there originally.

Chinese medicine has been observing phenomena and cultivating itself for over 5000 years. Modern medicine can only suggest antiviral meds. One can still take their Rx antivirals but Chinese medicine can smoothen and cultivate an environment where outbreaks don't occur as much or at all. Chinese medicine has herbs/formulas that are able to literally abort an impending outbreak. Working with a competent practitioner, one gains a lot of insight on their body's workings from strengths to weaknesses and how to work smarter with them.

Chinese medicine includes food therapy, acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, bodywork/massage, complimentary lifestyle/exercises... It's a complete system that look at the person is a holistic/complete way.

The herbs and formulas I list/recommend on this site are "safe". Some have Chinese herbs in them but I publicly recommend the more food grade herbs/formulas. Exception is St. John's Wort. ;) ...Going to a practitioner, who can assess and diagnose you will be better able to treat and prescribe what's needed.

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