Addiction to sex in a bad way

I have an addiction to sex and by that i mean i struggle with sexting with other women when committed to one. I would never physically cheat but when im bored and my girlfriend goes to bed i try finding if anyone would have sex with me. id talk dirty then be done that day. never meet or do any inappropriate pics sending. i know its not okay but i dont think at the time i just do shit

congrats on looking at your life and seeing a change you want to make. so what does the chatting do you? does it help reduce stress or fill you with some emotions? Just curios. Getting to the root cause can help you work to change your habits and to change how you live

i guess i just do it cause im bored. Theres no stress related to this issue and i guess also it makes me more horny for my woman.

boredom can be a big factor. Have you tried to replace boredom with things more beneficial to you relationship or to you? Researched ways to romance her, read a book, study the art of massage and then practice on her, exercised when bored, just a few thoughts and ideas

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i dont read books unless its sports related im a sports junky and im always scratching her back i was thinking of getting her a massage gun not necessarily so she does it herself but because she can do it herself when im not with her

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