Adding More Protein Without More Meat

I think that working to be healthy can at times become confusing and frustrating; therefore, I found this article regarding protein to be very helpful;

"It sure has become very confusing to try and eat healthier these days. At one moment, we are told to add certain foods and supplements to our diets, only to have those same things contradicted shortly thereafter by a study that says something different. It's enough to drive a healthy person crazy! A good example of this is proteins. We are told that protein is an important part of our well being, but then are told to cut down on meat, a chief source of protein. So what does that leave us to eat to gain this much needed protein?"......


Thank you very much for a very healthy advice. It is true that we can find some other sources of protein in different foods, therefore it is forth searching. Thank you very much again. God bless you.

Marcie, thank you so much for taking the time to read my post and the article. I happy that it was helpful.