ADHD or Asperger's?

Today I sat down on my bed, pulled out a Quick Study set of 1,000 Spanish words and couldn't do anything all day but study them. So intensely that in the course of seven hours I memorized over 400 words. Other days I burn through four or five pens because I can't stop writing. Anything I write I can almost instantly commit to memory; I always have to have a television running to give my mind something to focus on in the back of it while I try to concentrate on school work.

In school I was a terror and the doctors diagnosed me with ADHD and my mom refused to medicate me which I ultimately think was a mistake because I have never been able to find the calm I see in some people around me. When I got a little older they wanted to test me for autism, in school especially in childhood since I wasn't seeming to pick up on social cues. I didn't understand the motivations of the children around me I guess you could say. I still don't understand people.

When they got me tested it turned out I was gifted. By the time the third grade rolled around the discovered I had a 7th grade reading level and memory retention skills so acute they had me interviewed by several professionals. They could never figure out what to do with me when the suggestion of Asperger's Syndrome first came up.

Since then the two have been bounced around and no one has been able to help me. I have since turned to marijuana as a means of self-medication that I believe has saved my life up to this point. It helps me to relax even on days like today when I take a notion to key in so intensely on one course of activity.

To this day I'm not sure if it is ADHD or Asperger's that plagues me; perhaps some horrendous combination of the two. And I want to meet people like me who are unsure what's actually wrong with them. Anyone have a similar story.

I have a similar problem. I don't know if someone who can commit to remembering 400 words in a day has adhd. I think that everyone is just different to a degree and has strenghts and weaknesses. I think I'll look up some tips on line to see if they can help. Good luck!

Megan, even though the post was in July its is very well said.

Thank you


Hello. I don't have adhd but I do have Asperger's Syndrome. I am trying to figure out what you mean. He is right, I don't think anybody can remember 400 words - especially not me since I have mental shortcomings.

"I still don't understand people."

Neither do I.

You were medicated? So was I. And if I had any brain I would talk to you further.

Deane, welcome to Support Groups, I'll bet you have many talents, please feel free to share them. I was just commenting on megans post, I thought WOW 400 words amazing.

What is it that you dont understand about people?

Take care


my daughter is 3 and has high functioning autism and o.c.d your post makes alot of since to me it touched my heart i will be praying for you!!!

I believe my son (who is now 11 years old) has Aspy's.... He was diagnosed with ADHD, but the med's did NOTHING and now I don't have insurance so I can't get anywhere. He was getting d's and F's in 2nd grade when they diagnosed him as ADHD, but went off the meds by 3rd grade. He is now in 6th, not medicated and with homework help, gets mostly A's adn an occasional B...


Wish you all the best!

Hi there My son was first diagnosed with ADHD. Then when he was still having trouble with reading I took him to be tested for a learning disorder. That was when the psychologists (there was 2 psychologists who tested him)
diagnosed him with Asperber's symdrome. They told me that
the ADHD is common with people who have Asperber's and
that often Psychologist don't make a double diagnose
of saying a child has Asperber's symdrone and AD/HD.
They just say the child has Asperber's Symdrome. So by
her statement, I take it that AD/HD is just a sympton
or part of the whole Asperber's symdrome. I'm still on
a learning curve with Asperber's as my son has only recently been diagnosed with it.
Regardless, of what label they use. I think it's important to remember that labels don't change or define
who we are. My son is still same regardless if I call him
AD?HD or Asperber's. I think labels are just a means
of helping others identify certain concerns or areas that
may relate to us. Don't let a label confuse you. You will
always be who you are. You are a special and unique individual. No label or person can change that fact.

I have a brain disorder and noone knows what to call it. But, I was at a hospital after I turned 18 for another issue and the doctor there diagnosed with me with Aspergers Syndrome. I dont know if it is that or what else. But, I do have some of the symptoms but some of them go along with my other brain disorder. When I was 7, some naturopathic doctor thought I was ADHD but, the meds didnt help. You seem like a talented young woman but, dont do too much street drugs because they can calm you down for a while but then later on you may become addicted and when you need to stop the drugs you can get into more trouble with the withdrawal of them. Take care and you are always welcome to write on this site whenever you need to....

Your post touches me and makes a lot of sense. I have a 4 year old that sounds like your story. He is already on 2 different meds and they want to put him on a 3rd because he is aggressive quite frequently on top of the delays that he has. He is diagnosed with ADHD and soon will be tested for ausitm or aspergers.
I am looking for a support group for people that understand what I am facing.
Thank you for your post.

I will comment that learning 400+ words can easily fit into ADHD since with ADD/ADHD we can become so engrossed in a topic of interest that we will block everything else out. Watching a captivating show can draw a child or adult in so far that there can be a fire around them and they will not notice do to their ADD. I have been reading a good book and had my wife tell me something, I responded and yet I have no recollection that she was even home from work, and later accused her of ignoring me when she had fixed a meal and did not share in the meal with me. So being so engrossed that you ignore EVERY thing around you is a symptom of ADD.

Hey how are you doing? I can relate to this. Also high IQ people or people who have managed to learn memorizing techniques would be proficient at this. Amazingly what has helped me is marriage 3 babies in two years (twins + another lol) and a 4 th child. I am SUPER TIRED and can finally sleep.