Adjusting to the consequences

Hey everyone im kristy im 18 yrs old and i have suffered from bulimia since i was 12 and now am recovering slowly day by day but its a struggle i hope to gain some more weight so i can get my period back, keeping my food down has also been a struggle you get gastric reflex which sucks because you want to be able to keep the food down and with the meds is hard just sending out love to evryone and happy holidays to all god bless

Hey Kristy :)
Have you ever had/have professional help? (dietitian, therapist, ect.)


Yes alot of help I’ve seen psycologist,gastronologist,dietitcian,therapst,psychiatrist etc when I was e4 I suffered fromm anorexia and that’s when the damage was done and eating a was a struggle,im still continuing outpatient program,im given meds for my stomach problems including a powder I’m supposed to drink so that I can go to the bathroom ty for ur support aspire I’ appreciate it merry xmas.

Welcome Kristy <3
You are now a part of a warm, supportive community who listen and genuinely care about your well being.
What sorts of treatment have u sought in the past? Are you following a meal plan? Have you tried ensure?

Hi Gina basically everything I explained to aspire , yes I was following a meal plan but I wanted to see if I could it on my own and try eating the same healthyy foods and write a log summary down recording everything I eat . but I guess not I spoke to my ndiettician and she put. Me back on the meal plan, she knows I'm trying but it's a day by day struggle I really want to be past this so I can lead a normal healthy life again,and financailly I'm not good either scared eventually my insurance is going to run out. And with my dad being unemployed makes it that much harder just dealing with this and trying to get by and about the ensure thing I used to drink it between meals but after a while the doctor said I didn't have to anymore since I'm taking all these vitamins for my really don't think about all this aftermath effect it's going to have on your body, if half of everyone who suffered from ed flashforwarded themselves with this ,i think it be an eye opener.Thank you so much gina and for the community for they're support I hope to see everyone on here again God Bless and merry xmas :)P

I'm glad you have gotten help! You really just can't do it all on your own. Are you able to follow your meal plan? I agree that it would be SO eye opening if you were able to see all the things that were gonna happen to you because of this **** disease.. oh well. Have a merry christmas kristy!