Advice and Help From Everyone :

I have absolutely no idea how this site works, but I do believe that it has the ability to help many people if everyone can put their two cents in!
I am 18 years old, and I have struggled through severe food anxiety and obsessive compulsive binge eating all throughout high school and into college. Other than my eating habits, I'm pretty normal!
As a freshman in college, I've realized that it's time to grow up, and become the woman that I am supposed to become. However, the one thing holding me back is my obsession with food.
I have recently picked up the terrible habit of "chewing and spitting", and I need help! I often find myself chewing up my food and spitting it out, for up to hours at a time! It's disgusting, unhealthy, and embarrassing, and i can't control it! I'm sure that there are tons of others out there who need help just like I do. So I would just like to ask everyone to put an idea or some inspiring words so that together we can all help each other fight this!
Thank you, and I love you all :]

Please make an appointment with your family physican to discuss this. While this site can be helpful, the advice given to you by he/she will be priceless.

I agree that you need to see a professional, and hopefully one who understands that an eating disorder and the behaviors that are involved are very complex.
You deserve to move beyond this, and you CAN!
Good luck, and wishing you well...Jan ♥

Hello Alyson, wellcome :)
It took some courage for you to post here. Hold on to this courage.
It has been said but i too will agree first things first and you really should seek professional help asap about your ED.
I think you will find the group here very supportive. Keep on sharing your experiences, fears and worries as well as your happy experiences.
Sending warm wishes your way

welcome to support groups! thanks so for sharing....

i hope you share more as this is a safe place for understanding, help, and caring words..


Thank you all so much, it means a lot to me for complete strangers to care so much :]


I read you post and saw you got good advise 18 year old.

I want to welcome you here and it won't take long for you to foind yorself arround the site, as there is lots of help.

I look forward to your next post


welcome to the site. i hope you find it a place of solace and help.

since you are in college, i know a lot of campuses have counselors on site. this is good as it is a free service on many campuses and gives you at least some bottom-line help.