Advice for overconsumption

Hi all. First of all, I’m new to the group, so any advice is greatly appreciated. I am fairly certain I am a shopping addict. Fortunately, I am not in debt (yet!), but I have the compulsive urge to buy things I don’t need. For example, I really want to buy a new duvet cover for my guest bedroom, but I already have three comforters/duvets for that room. I know I don’t need it, and it feels wasteful and almost disrespectful to the planet to buy it. Any advice to help me prioritize my desire to reduce consumption over my desire to buy things I don’t need?

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Hello @galaxiegirl86

Welcome to SupportGroups! It is great to hear that your shopping addiction has not lead you to the point of being in debt, but we understand your concern for it getting worse. When it comes to having a shopping addiction, it is important to practice mindfulness, especially when anxiety starts to take over your decision-making. Have you considered seeing a specialist for this?