Advice needed: Is it my place to tell another woman that he

Advice needed: Is it my place to tell another woman that her live in boyfriend is cheating on her....with multiple night stands...quite frequently? My husband's partner I am speaking of. Apparently the two of them would pick up women during their shift and meet up after and sometimes even during work. Disgusting! I feel compelled to tell his girlfriend. I feel if it were the other way around, I'd want to know. What do you all think? And what about the holidays? After or as soon as possible? Thanks everyone.

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I say no it's not your place to decide. you have no idea what goes on inside another marriage, and you have no idea if she already knows or not. Stay out of it.

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Thank you for your response Harmony.

How do you know this woman? I think that depends. If it is a friend, then I think it is your place. If just some neighbor you don't really know, then I agree with Harmony

I'm on the fence about this because this guy is risking her health. She should know strictly for health reasons but I also see this blowing up and ruining/complicating a lot of things.

Sadly…one of the reasons I wouldn’t do it is because it would make things very difficult for my husband at work. Not that I truly care about his feelings…considering he’s the cause of all my pain…but it is his work place. However…I also feel that both of them wanted to play…they should also pay. And I do feel for the girlfriend and her health. Thanks for commenting.

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