Advice needed

I have a 17 year old son... he is making me crazy... He was never a "****" until he met his now girlfriend. They are so absolutely ridiculous - they are always fighting over the most ridiculous stuff, constantly breaking up. I don't know how much more of him I can take.

I am married, to a wonderfully devoted man, we have two other children (both younger) Nick (my son) is making our happy home a Jerry Springer Drama session.

I am at a loss. I love him, but right now I truly despise his behavior.

He NEVER skipped cl***es, now he'll skip and ask me to call him out (because he wants to go to HER school to ask her to Homecoming, Prom, whatever)

Does whatever he wants, WHENever he wants. Used to be an A/B student, now we were relieved that he even p***ed his junior year. He plays varsity football, he's got it all - he's just being such an *** right now..

tell me i'm not alone.... please :(

Dear friend, in my lifetime, raising three children, I have learned that this sudden change in behavior has a significant reason. Try to talk one on one over a cup of coffee or any place that you both can sit down and just talk over anything but criticism. Slowly you will get closer and closer that he can confine in you and you, on other hand will understand the whole situation. It will take few cups of coffee, but everything will come to a good result. God bless you always.

i know i wont be of much help seeing as im only a 19 yr old girl, but it sounds like hes chasing the " i have a hot girlfriend that doesnt go to my school" thing. and since hes varsity football, ill guess hes a tad popular. it seems he always has to have the last word in their arguments, and his said girlfriend probably objects that, wanting her to be last word, erupting in fights over pointless stuff and a break up. grounding him for his childish behavior wont do anything, but make him want to do what hes doing more. when my sister did this, my parents would ground her and she would sneak out and my parents and her would get into fights, and shed go to her room and she ran away mulitple times. finally, my parents decided to let her actions get her into trouble with the police and let her sit in jail a few days to think over her behavior or the inside of her jail cell would be where she ended up. she finally at the age of 20 decided it wasnt the life she ever wanted. she cleaned up her act and is now sadly widowed but with her 4 kids. i would imagine this isnt a story you would like to hear but it may be a road he could be headed down. i wish for nothing but the best.

You are not alone. I have 3 daughters of my own. One of them is 19 years old. She changed into an entirely different person over the summer. Maybe it is growing pains. I am told by others that eventually they will come back to you. I keep hoping and praying this happens soon. We use to be so very close but this summer she has distant herself from me and the rest of the family. She use to be a hard worker and now doesn't seem to want to work at all. I don't know how college is going with her since she has moved out on her own with her cousin. I only know what she tells me which isn't much. I keep praying for her and put her in God's hands. Not much else I can do being she is 19 and living on her own.