Advice needed

Should i stay away or keep trying to visit him on visitation days?

Hey Robin,

Can you give us a little more information so we know how to give you the best help? Hang in there, we're here for you.


If you are speaking of a loved one hospitalized for sz, then my response is, unless the doctors advise you that your visits are upsetting him too much or he himself requests that you not come, I would definitely visit as much as you can or as is reasonable. Being in the hospital can be lonely and frightening. But a familiar face can help. It's also an important way for you to be able to express your love and concern ...and even if he doesn't respond much to your visit, it will mean something. I know it always did for me...although there WERE times that the staff stopped my visitation rights, becaues I was too agitated. So use your instinct after seeing him once or twice.. Good luck!

I totally agree with Lunar Queen

Hello All. Doing okay, trying not to backslide into the dark side. Shout out to Electric Shock Therapy, Celexa, and Abilify. Can't say enough about those little electrons and molecules.

Peace, love, and understanding,