Advice on how to relate or understand meth addiction

I am desparately seeking advice on how to understand this addiction. I'm five months pregnant and the father of my child and love of my life is choosing meth over having a family. I know he wants to have a family with me but is very unaccepting of the fact that I will not allow meth in my life. I have never personally used meth. An argument we recently had of his justifications of using was that I don't know the drug, so how can I judge him. I am here to try and understand what he goes through on a day to day basis. If anyone has any advice I would appreciate it.

Hi Emily, thank you so much for being here with us. I am so sorry for what you are going through with your boyfriend's meth addiction. I am sure that he is aware that he has a problem, right? Has he ever sought treatment and/or therapy to work through this? The most important thing at this time is you and your baby, and he needs to know that if he will not seek treatment, then you can't bring a child into such an environment. Do you have family and/or friends nearby that you can turn to?

If he is willing to seek treatment and work through this then it is worth supporting him through this, but if he is in denial and putting you at risk with his lifestyle choice, then it's time to walk away.

Dear Emily for Justin

Honey, I was married to a meth addict. He passed away on 1/6/09 as a result of his using. I watched a 46 year old mans life just disappear as he was literally brain dead as a result of his actions. He is trying to convince you because you know nothing of this drug it isn't dangerous only because you don't know. I am telling you, It is a very dangerous drug. His friend died 3 months prior. Dropped dead of a stroke brought on by smothing meth. My husband was 46 and his friend (whom he worked with) was only 35-40. Does this sound like a safe drug?

My 17 year old son does not have a father. My 4 grandkids don't have grandpa.

Also, he lied on a daily basis. Stole money and lots of it out of the bank account to fund his habit. Spent up to $1,800 at a crack. There went his paycheck when he did work. Left us all homeless. Then, when he died, He left me $16,0000 in debt with the irs. Because I thought finding a home for my kids was better than filing for divorce. I Figured, that can wait. Well, guess it didn't.

Don't mean to sound harsh. I have lived that heck for 5 years. Most the times he had me feeling like I was going crazy. Sometimes I wish I was. If anyone would have told me 18 years ago that my husband was going to put me through this, I would have said in the infamous words of Shontelle, "IMPOSSIBLE"

I love that you haven't tried it...

from a meth user just now starting recov... NEVER try it. NEVER never. It was weird but as a guy handed it to me the first time... his words were... "i hope you dont like it and I'd suggest you never trying it.'...I thought I could do it once and never go back.

The fact is... unless he's really READY to get help, you need to choose to keep your distance.

i hope it gets better for u.

I have to disagree there...... Well... I know that at least for myself ,after being a daily user for a year. I have advanced clean into at the mercy of the drug. I have wanted with a sincere desire for sometime now......I am seeing progress but God is going to be the main factor. I am not strong enough. The misery of withdrawal is just one obstacle. I am sure he wants his family first. Try to remember he is in a scary place and is miserable I am sure. You and your baby are going to have to be put first that is an obvious. Just be glad that you do not know what he is going through.

Hope I am so sorry about your husband as well. Thanks for sharing that. I watch alot of documentaries in hope that fear of death or aging will help me. I am very sorry for your pain and loss. I hate this meth monster more than I could possibly express. What it does to the family is the most horrific part.

he has to help himself before he can help you and your baby. because if he doesnt take care of him, then he wont be able to take care of you. hope that didnt sound selfish or to blunt . . i know for me i had to help me before i could help anyone else. hang in there . keep us updated

its good you havent tried it great in fact dont ever try it! EVER! its like signing your death certificate in my eyes it destroys everything around the user but the user doesnt even relize its happening you become dependant on meth but you dont relize that either...i would give him a bottom line like he goes to treatment or he loses you&your unborn child!