since i got out of the treatment center,i have noticed my mom showing signs of meth use,being an exmeth user i kno the signs wat should i do?

I don't know.....did she use meth before?

Surely if you just got out of treatment she should be not doing this around you.

Since you have done it, you will be able to tell if someone else is, so you are probably correct. I can spot someone tweeking a mile away....and they can always spot me, too, even though to look at me you would never know it happened. It's weird. They usually can't get away from me fast enough.

I don't know what to tell you to do, it must be hard! If you ever need to talk feel free to pm me.

Wishing you the best.

Hi Ariel Shane, You can talk to your mom about it. Maybe also invite her to go to an NA meeting with you. Bottom line though is she has to be willing to help herself. You might also check into going to Alanon and/or Naranon for yourself. Those are groups for people who have family and friends that are alcoholics/addicts. Keep sharing with us. We are here for you. ((((hugs))))

i don't know how to start except to say i am an ex meth addict (unfortunately have fallen into doing it a few more times and trying again to break free) the main problem i'm having with trying to stop doing it again is because my mother is also a meth addict. when i quit the first time, i tried VERY VERY hard to get her to do the same, the sad truth of it was that she was the mother and she wouldn't have me telling her what to do. she said i was brainwashed by the people who told me i should quit (the irony is startling, isnt' it?). the ugly truth about meth is it makes you a liar and a theif. part of me feels in some way i've continued use again because i resent her, i get the meth from her but she doesn't know it (how much more despicable can i possibly be? i can't think of many ways for me to sink lower). i want to be able to give you the good advice and tell you i got my mom to quit and this is how you should do it: . . .
but i can't. its one of the hardest things in the world to feel powerless to help someone, my best friend when we were kids (knew her when she was 4, i was 5) started meth around the same time i did, only know it consumes her life. shes 26 and doesn't seem to know how to date a guy who's not a tweeker or been to jail. she can't graduate b/c she won't go to class. she's a toothpick and just spending an hour with her irritates me b/c methheads have a way that's hard to tolerate unless you are also high (a lot like drunk people i guess). but i've had to watch people around me go through this and i can't help but feel partially responsible, would these people be doing this if i had never gotten them into it? i publicly quit and was very happy for a long time.
if the police for some reason wanted to search my mothers house she would go to jail for a long time. she is very naive about the people she associates with also (she has let perfect strangers cook it in her house before, the house i grew up in!!) she's asking for trouble and there's nothing i can do about it, except hope she will never befall the worst consequences. unfortunately, i know this story is probably not very helpful, because i don't have a happy ending (yet?). the most we can do is be there for the people, but not let them drag us down with them. i tried to help my childhood friend and she became like a parasite so i had to distance myself. i can't distance myself from my mother, but we live in a world of transparent lies. you need to make sure you're ok, b/c you're the one you can control. lead by example
good luck ariel

Secret News it is sure good to have you here.

I'm sorry about your mom, I have no idea how hard that must be.

Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and keep trying!

It is awfully hard to get off of, and STAY off of, that is the truth of it, and we all got sucked into that lie that speed tells us...that it is all we need and that we can't possibly go on without it.

I hate being around tweekers too, like when you are in some place and see them, ugh....i hate that lying thieving way, that fast talking chatterbox thing, it is irritating and I suppose I was the same way.

I can't imagine how hard it is when it is your MOM, heck when one of my friends started up again I had a **** fit and was wanting to go over there and get high. So don't feel bad....speaking of sinking low don't think that....I know that desperation and if there was some meth around here I could steal I would probably be into's pretty low of her to do it in front of you when you are trying to live a clean life. Not to put your mom down, because as we all know, she isn't thinking right at this time.

Speed tells you that you need it and ONLY it but it sure is a colossal lie, isn't it?

(((((hugs))))) keep sharing, we are here for you.