Does purging cause bloody BMs??

What color is the blood?

If it is dark in color, then you could have done some damage to your esophagus.

If it is dark in color it could mean that you have H. Pylori (a virus or what we know as an Ulcer).

If it is light in color that means you could have a tear in your small intestine to your colon, or you could have a hemorrhoid.

Please call your doctor and be seen as soon as you can.

If you feel light headed, please go to the emergency room.


You haven't been home long... Are you still purging?? :0/ I'm concerned for you, sweetie... I hope you'll talk to your treatment team and seek some medical help... ♥



im concerned too. please go to the doctor or ER for this is serious...or can be....


LVH explained the differences well. As Jen mentioned, I am also concerned if you are continuing to engage in ED symptoms. Laxative abuse can cause bloody stools also, and the bottom line is, any evidence of bleeding should be checked out...please see your doctor.
How are you doing overall?
HUGS...Jan ♥

Please get medical attention ASAP! This site is great, but it can't replace a doctor!

You poor thing, I am worried about you. I agree, you should see a doctor ASAP. Blood in your stool could be a sign of something quite serious if not fatal. Please see a doctor as soon as you can.

overall I am stressed. I had an assessment today and they think I need to do a partial hospitalization. I am just stressed and not doing well and the only thing keeping me from purging is the fact that I have been with my fiance today and yesterday.

this is all really tough. i don't think I can do it.

I’m going into partial (again) on Tuesday, so we can sympathize. :-/ Sorry you’re having a rough time right now, but hang in there–I KNOW you CAN do it!

You can do this! You went to the hospital and that was not easy. Just imagine going and getting help to get better. If any part of you does not feel like you can get better, listen to that part and ask it why. I am really glad you went to the hospital.

You can do it babygirl...I believe in you! Hang in there because I will be up there soooooon! I can't wait and I am way excited! I LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH! *Kasee*