Trauma survivors are there any apps that help/helped you “get out of your feelings”? I was told to practice that and practice identifying my triggers. I feel I should add that to my therapy exercises I do everyday/night.

Also, something else came to my mind. I keep thinking about how I don’t really like my body still after what happened to me when I was younger (sexual trauma). I want to love ALL of me someday. I thought about that maybe if i get into a safer environment (one that is free from verbal/psychological abuse) that it may help me to get better faster too. That is one of my goals that I need someone to help me on. I’m waiting for someone to contact to me to help on another goal but maybe they can help me with that too. If not I know another person who possibly can.

Positive thing that happened today: I hung out with a friend I haven’t seen in awhile and it makes me happy so I’m having a good day. This is mostly what I’m going to focus on for a little while.

Sorry again that this seems everywhere. I just hope it makes some sense to you all.

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I didn’t know of any so I googled it: Using mobile apps with patients who have experienced trauma

So glad you got to spend time with a friend!

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Glad that you are doing great :+1:, thank you for taking the time in sharing your journey. :snowman_with_snow: :wolf:

I have a long way to go on this.

It’s hard to recognize my triggers when they are triggered but it’s easy to recognize them when they are not triggered. I made a list when I wasn’t triggered. I don’t know if that could be a helpful thing at some point in this journey.

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I like the image you had posted. Unfortunately I do not have much knowledge on this Post :confused:. I wish i could have provided better support.

I just know that i created another personality and trained it to llik all my other personalities that would not change. Which is why I think of it now as somewhat of a surprise super power but not. It’s dangerous and needs serious rebuiltating

Maybe something on this list can help with something my therapist said. These are the ones that stood out to me and that I would consider using:

  • -mindshift
    -thought diary
  • super better
  • woebot
    -happify (It didn’t work on my phone though :pensive:).
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I love how technology is out there to help!